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Registration Setup Basics
Registration Setup Basics

Get started setting up Webex Events Registration for your Event

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This article guides you through setting up Webex Events Registration basics and appearance. When you're done with the basics, click the 'Create Tickets' button in the Next Steps section at the end of the article to keep going. 🚗

If you'd rather watch a video, watch our video about Registration setup basics. ⏯️

Registration basics

From your Event Overview page, click Start under Registration.

Haven't set up your Event yet? Follow the instructions in our Create a Webex Event article to get started!

The Event Overview page. The Registration product's Start button is indicated.

Event Details

As you enter information, the preview shows your registration page taking shape! The numbered items below correspond to the numbered flags in this image:

The Event details page with numbers corresponding to each number in the following list.
  1. First, enter the Registration title that appears on the registration page. Enter your event name plus "Registration", or get creative! 🎨 Simply make sure the title clearly conveys the page's purpose.

  2. Next, add an optional Registration tagline up to 150 characters that appears below your Event name on the registration page. Tell attendees about the event's main focus, add a welcome message, or use the tagline for something else.

  3. Show event type shows registrants whether your event is in-person, virtual, or both, directly under the Registration tagline on your registration page. This setting is active by default.

  4. Customize the Display URL for your registration page. Use your event name and the year to help attendees easily identify the event they're registering for. If you haven't decided what your Display URL will be, don't worry — enter a placeholder and then come back to this page later to change it.

    💡 Keep in mind, changing the Display URL after publishing generates a new URL for the registration page, access code links, and widgets. The old URLs will no longer work.

  5. Now use the Registration description field to tell registrants about the event and the registration process! Does your event have a theme? Who attends this event? Do you want to highlight your event sponsorship here? Is there any special information people need to complete the form?

    • Use the text formatting tools, insert hyperlinks, and add images and even animated GIFs to dress up the description. 🙌

  6. Click the Is this a paid event drop-down to indicate whether you'll charge money for ticket purchases.

  7. If you selected 'Yes' in the 'Is this a paid event' drop-down, choose the Currency that will be used for all registration purchases and discounts.

  8. Click Save & Continue to go to the next step.

⚠️ Caution! The Event Details information you entered won't save fully until you click 'Save & Continue' on the Organizer Information step. If you close the browser tab before that point, you'll lose the information you entered.

Organizer Information

Entering information in these steps adds the 'Organizer' tab to the registration page. Everything in this step is completely optional, so if you want to fill in this information later — or never — simply click Save & Continue.

If you feel it's important to offer information about your organization on the registration page, then fill in as much of this information as possible. What's special about your organization? How can people reach you with questions? Where can they go for more information?

The Organizer information page.

Click Save & Continue when you're done.

At this point, all the information you've entered so far is saved. If necessary, leave and then come back later to continue editing Registration.


Now it's time to get fancy. ✨ The colors and images you select on this page will appear on your registration page and in email communications.

  1. First, select a Registration Theme Color using the color picker, or enter a specific Hex or RGB color code. Choose a theme color that works well with your logo and cover image and provides good contrast with the background if you activate dark mode.

  2. Now upload a logo and cover image as a finishing touch. 🤩 Click the upload button on the image placeholder and follow the instructions in the uploader. Image requirements:

    • JPEG, JPG, or PNG

    • Logo dimensions: 500px by 500px (must be 1:1 aspect ratio)

    • Cover image dimensions: 1000px by 500px (must be 2:1 aspect ratio)

      The Logo and Cover Images on the Appearance page.

  3. Next, decide what information about your event you want to display or hide on the registration page. These settings are active by default.

    The Event Information section on the Registration Appearance page.
    • Show event location - When toggled off, this hides your event location from the registration page. Hiding the event location might be helpful if you're hosting a hybrid event and want the location to display to only attendees buying in-person tickets.

    • Show event date - When toggled off, this hides the event date from the registration page, and the 'Show event time setting' automatically deactivates. You might want to hide the event date if you're hosting an event series or a long-term "community-style" event.

    • Show event time - Toggling 'Show event time' off hides the event time from your registration page.

  4. Review the 'Live preview' panel one last time to make sure you're satisfied with the beautiful registration page elements you've set up. ✨

  5. Click Save & Continue to finalize your color selection and image uploads.

Next steps

Congratulations! You've set up your Registration basics. Have a cookie. 🍪

Now it's time to start creating tickets. Click the button below to learn how. 🧠

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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