On screens large and small at your venue, Live Display keeps your attendees up to date about your event, promotes sponsor visibility, highlights key elements of your event, and drives engagement! Live Display lets you engage and inform your attendees with dynamic digital displays optimized to automatically fit every screen size. You juggle enough, so we built Live Display to be one of the simplest event tools you'll ever use, at no additional cost to you.

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This article highlights how you can use Live Display to showcase your brand, boost attendee engagement, display your Agenda information in real-time, and more!

⭐️ Keep in mind, Live Display is different from live streaming.

Put your brand on the big screen

Your brand matters. Make Live Display match your event with custom feature names and a custom color, and pull content from your Event App or Community Agenda, Wall, Game, and Announcement features. Attendees get the same branded experience no matter where they look.

With Live Display, leverage the display equipment you're already using at the venue. Since there's no hardware to buy or extra software to download*, Live Display is ready to launch in moments.

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*Your preferred implementation of Live Display may involve some investment. Refer to our article on deploying Live Display at your event for details.

Showcase feature content to engage and inform attendees

Live Display delivers a seamless experience with virtually no maintenance by leveraging content you and your attendees have already created in your Event App or Community. Let's learn more about the features you can showcase on Live Display screens!

Amplify attendee interactions with the Social feature

In Event Apps and Communities, the Wall feature stimulates conversations and helps people feel like a part of something bigger. The Social feature pulls attendee posts from the Wall feature and shows them on your Live Display screens, amplifying and encouraging attendee engagement throughout your event!

Animated GIF of the Social feature on a Live Display screen.

Inform without interrupting with the Agenda and Announcements

Keep your event on track by showing attendees exactly what they need to see at a glance. Though your detailed agenda is at your attendees' fingertips in the Event App, give them a view of upcoming sessions by showing the Agenda feature on Live Display. It highlights current and upcoming sessions, complete with day, date, and time, so your attendees don't miss anything. What's more, if an urgent Announcement comes up, you can send a visual alert to every screen.

Animated GIF of the Social feature on a Live Display screen.

Use the Networking feature to spotlight attendees with the most connections

Connecting is a key part of many events. Bring this to the forefront with Live Display's Networking feature and highlight attendees who've made the most connections. Attendees can use the power of Webex Events Shake to Connect technology to swap information as easily as shaking hands.

Animated GIF of the Networking feature on a Live Display screen.

Turn event day into game day with the Game feature

The Game feature fuels participation in a targeted and fun way, and adding it to Live Display helps boost engagement by showing challenges that attendees complete to earn points.

Create challenges that foster friendly competition and watch sponsor engagement, session attendance, and networking skyrocket. 🚀 With real-time leaderboard updates, you'll give some glory to those who are rocking the competition and inspire others to climb to the top. You can even spin for a live drawing and show the name of the winner for raffles or giveaways.

Animated GIF of the Promote App feature on a Live Display screen.

Use the Gallery to highlight sponsors and more

This is the one Live Display feature that doesn't draw directly from your Event App or Community because we want it to give you more flexibility and visibility. Add visuals to spotlight whatever you'd like, such as sponsor logos or products, keynote speakers, or important sessions. The gallery is a great way to showcase your premier sponsors throughout the venue and drive visits to exhibitor booths, too!

Animated GIF of sponsor ads and logos in the Gallery on a Live Display screen.

Show the Promote App feature to drive Event App adoption

For attendees who haven't yet experienced all the fun and benefits your Event App or Community has to offer, help get it into their hands with the Promote App feature. Attendees can easily join by scanning the QR code to download the app from the App Store or Google Play store.

Animated GIF of the Promote App feature on a Live Display screen.

Manage content in real time

Choose the features you want to showcase, set the length or time each one displays before rotating to the next, preview changes as you make them, and publish when you're ready. Every display updates immediately. Need to remove a feature from Live display? No problem! When managing Live Display, simply turn the feature off, and Live Display removes it from the rotation.

Screenshot of the Live Display Features and Live Preview areas in the Webex Events Platform.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to schedule a demo for a personalized tour of Live Display.

Ready to start setting up Live Display? Our Live Display Setup Basics article shows you how!

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