⭐️ Keep in mind, Live Display shouldn't be confused with live streaming.

Gone are the days of creating multiple PowerPoints to display throughout your event! Live Display lets you engage and inform your attendees with dynamic digital displays optimized to automatically fit every screen size. Attendees get the same branded experience no matter where they look.

You juggle enough, so we built Live Display to be one of the simplest event tools you'll ever use. Live Display leverages content you and your attendees have already created in your Event App to deliver a seamless experience with virtually no maintenance.

⭐ Keep in mind, Live Display is available at no additional cost! Feel free to schedule a demo for a personalized look at Live Display.

Put your brand experience on the big screen

With Live Display, you can leverage the display equipment you're already using at the venue. Customize your event content at any point, and every display updates in real time. Since there's no hardware to buy or extra software to download*, you can launch Live Display in moments.

Picture of a live display on a large screen at a hotel.

*Your preferred implementation of Live Display may involve some investment. Check out our article on deploying Live Display at your event for details.

Amplify and encourage attendee engagement

Inspire and excite attendees to post about the event, promote your brand, and even download your event app by showing them a social wall. The Social feature pulls attendee posts from the Wall feature and shows them on your Live Displays!

Screenshot of a live display showing a Social feed.

Inform without interrupting

Keep your event running on time by showing attendees exactly what they need to see at a glance. Edit the Agenda at any time to keep everyone aware of changes. If an urgent announcement comes up, you can send a visual alert to every screen.

Screenshot of the Agenda tab on aa Live Display.

Turn event day into game day

Create challenges that inspire friendly competition, and watch sponsor engagement, session attendance, and networking skyrocket! With real-time leaderboard updates, everyone can see their standing and be inspired to climb to the top. You can even spin for a live drawing and show the name of the winner for raffles or giveaways.

Animated GIF showing the Game feature on a live display.

Showcase sponsors & exhibitors

More visibility means more ROI. Showcase your sponsors in more places around the venue, and drive visits to exhibitor booths. This is a great place to monetize visibility and showcase premier sponsors!

Animated GIF showing the Sponsors feature on a live display.

Customize & manage in real time

Your brand matters. Make your Live Display match your event with a custom color and feature names, and pull content from your Event App's Agenda, Wall, Game, and Announcement features. Preview changes as you make them, and publish when you're ready.

Interested in learning more about Live Display? Reach out to us for a demo. Ready to get started? Start here!

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