While any changes in your event are instantly seen in the app, once your app is published, changes to the app itself must be processed through Apple, and are subject to their approval. Not sure what the difference is? Check out our My Apps vs My Events article for more info!

⚠️Caution, this article only applies to Branded Event App customers! For more info on the Branded Event App vs the Socio Event App, check this out.

⭐️ Keep in mind, Apple's approval process usually takes 2-14 days and in some cases can take longer.

The following items can be updated by sending the requested changes, and any necessary pictures, to our support team via Email ([email protected]) or Live Chat.

  • App Name (30 character limit)
  • App Label/Subtitle (30 character limit)
  • App Icon: 1024px wide by 1024px tall
  • App Description
  • Home Screen Name (12 character limit)
  • iPhone X Splash Screen: 1125px wide by 2436px tall
  • iPhone 6-7-8 Splash Screen: 750px wide by 1334px tall
  • Android Splash Screen: 720px wide by 1280px tall
  • Theme Color (Hex Code)

We recommend double-checking the max character length and image sizes, to help ensure your update is approved!

⭐️ Keep in mind, we recommend keeping your app free from dates or year-specific info, so you don't have to update it often. Save that for the event! 

⚠️ Caution, we allow one free update per contract (usually per year). There will likely be a fee required for more frequent updates.


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