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How do I edit my Branded App after it's published?
How do I edit my Branded App after it's published?

How to make changes to your app, what items can be updated, and how long it takes

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Need to make changes to your published Branded App icon or splash image? Maybe the theme color or description needs an adjustment? It's easy to edit your app and submit changes!

💡 Keep in mind, you can only edit Branded Apps that are in the Available status.

Not sure what a Branded App is? Read our Introduction to Branded Apps article to learn more.

Making changes to your Branded App

⚠️ Caution! Before you make changes, review our best practices for submitting a hassle-free Branded App.

  1. Go to the My Apps page.

  2. Locate the app you want to edit and click the three-dot () icon.

  3. If there's an exclamation mark next to it, that means there's a version update available. Read our Update Your Branded App to the Latest Version article to learn about updating your app version.

    The process just described.
  4. If there's no exclamation mark, select Make Changes to edit your app.

    The Make Changes option on a Branded App.
  5. A notification appears that outlines the process for making changes. Review this carefully, then click Continue.

  6. You'll go through the same pages as when you built your Branded App. Review the existing app and make changes as needed. Click Save & Continue through each step as you make changes.

  7. When you're done making changes, carefully review them on the 'Review' page to make sure you've caught everything before you submit! This is your chance to review your app from the attendee perspective, so take advantage of it. 👍

  8. Click Submit App Updates when you're done.

After you click 'Submit App Updates', we’ll rebuild your app and submit it for publication within the next 1–5 business day(s). From that point, Apple's approval process usually takes 2–14 days. Don’t worry — the current version of your app will still be available while the update is pending.

Pro tips! 😎

  • We recommend keeping your app free from dates or year-specific information so you don't have to update it often. Save those specifics for the Event App.

  • If there's a version update available for the app, make any visual updates to the app before submitting it for the update.

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