The Socio Platform is where you, as the event or community organizer, make the magic happen! 🐇 It is your team's gateway to building, managing, updating, and controlling everything Socio. Also, it is built for the modern world to work from a browser on your phone, tablet, or computer. 🤩

Check out the video and other info below for the most important pieces!


In the main navigation bar at the top are Socio's available products. For an overview of these products, check this out.

Event App: My Events vs My Apps

At the core of it all is our Event Apps on the My Events page. Consider this a "home" page. This is where you can build, manage, and edit your events. When changes are made here, they will be updated in the app in a matter of seconds!

If you are using the Socio Event App to house your event, you won't need the My Apps tab, which is for branded app customers. My Apps is where you submit the details for the branded app, which contains your events. 

If you're using the branded app option, focus on the My Apps page first to ensure your app is available as soon as possible in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Not sure about the difference between My Events vs My Apps? Check this out.


Online communities allow members to connect, share, and engage with other members and community leaders anywhere in the world. A Community can support a variety of business goals, from growing your member base, increasing brand loyalty, and gathering Community feedback and use cases.

Socio Communities have the same great features as Socio Event Apps, with unique abilities supporting year-round usage by members across the globe.

Want more info on Communities? Check this out.

Lead Retrieval

Lead retrieval is the process of capturing attendee information at conferences, trade shows, and other live events. Sponsors and exhibitors then follow up with attendees as sales leads. 

Want more info on Lead Retrieval? Check this out.

Live Display

Live Display optimizes your event content for every screen automatically. Attendees get the same branded experience no matter where they look. 

Want more info on Live Display? Check this out.


Click the drop-down in the top-right corner to see the Settings. 

Here you can control your Account Settings, Team Settings, view Privacy & Terms, and log out. The Team Settings is where you can invite your colleagues to the Socio Platform to collaborate on building and managing your events. Check out our article to learn how to invite admins to your team!

Management Tools

The Management Tools include Users & Groups, Announcements, Web App, Metrics, Promote, and Settings. Access the Management Tools using the breadcrumbs.

⭐️These can only be accessed once you publish your event.

Manage Anywhere!

With a mobile responsive design, the Socio Platform allows you to oversee your event using your computer from your office, the tablet you carry around while preparing for your event, or from the phone in your pocket at all times! We made sure our product works when your event needs you — because your event isn’t run from your office, so neither should your software. 👍 

Support / Resources

The Socio Platform is meant to be completely self-service, but we're always here to help! 

Click the Help button in the top right to chat with our amazing Support team via Live Chat. We also have a full knowledge base with How-To guides and best practices for the Socio Platform — that's where you're at now! 😉 

For more info on Socio Platform resources and support, check this out.

Pro tips! 😎 

  • The Socio Platform is mobile responsive! Use your phone's browser to create announcements on the fly, update your agenda, and everything else you can do in the Socio Platform. 👍 
  • Use the breadcrumb trail to help you navigate the Socio Platform.


Questions? Chat Us or Email [email protected]

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