It's no secret just how important your event's look, feel, and overall brand is at all times. For that reason, we allow you to choose from an extensive collection of icons when building up the various features of your event. But don't forget - with great customization comes great responsibility (or something like that)! Be sure to check out our tips below on using it "responsibly" with predefined styles and consistent colors!

Navigate to the Change Icon screen for a Feature

Starting from the home screen in the Socio Platform, follow these steps to change the icon for any of your features:

My Events → Your Event → Edit Event → Hover over any Feature → Gear/Setting Icon → Change Icon

How to Customize and Find the Right Icon

With so many icons, true customization is at your fingertips. However, be sure to keep in mind all three parts of customizing your icon: searching for the right icon, choosing a consistent style, and using the color picker when appropriate!

Searching for an Icon

While it seems simple, if you can't find the icon you are looking for right away be sure to try a couple different nouns or keywords when searching the icon library. 

Icon Styles

The icon styles are there to help you keep a consistent look and feel for your app. We highly recommend using the same style across all of your feature icons!

Icon Color Picker

The color picker is available on some icons (most black icons). It's another great way to add a custom style to your icons. For Branded Event App customers, it's a great idea to match the icon colors to the App's Theme Color.

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