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Customize Event App Feature Icons

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It's no secret that your event's look, feel, and overall branding is important! That's why we let you choose from an extensive collection of 300,000+ icons for your Event App features or upload your own custom images.

Select a new icon

On your Event App's 'Features' page, hover over a feature and click the Settings (⚙️) icon.

The process just described.

In the modal that appears, click the Select Icon button to browse through our library of 300,000+ icons, or click Upload Image and follow the instructions in the uploader to use your own custom icon.

The Select Icon and Upload Image buttons in the Lobby Settings modal.

💡 Keep in mind, images must be square (1:1 aspect ratio). Read our Image Dimensions Quick Reference guide for dimension and file type requirements.

Choose an icon

After clicking 'Select Icon', search for or browse icons. The Icon Styles on the right side of the modal are groups of icons with the same overall style and color scheme. We highly recommend using icons from a single style group for all of your features so that your Event App appears consistent throughout.

The Change Icon modal.

💡 Keep in mind, you may need to try a couple different keyword searches in the icon library to find the perfect icon for your feature.

Icon Color Picker

The color picker is available for most icons that only have a single color. The color picker is a great way to ensure your icons exactly match your brand. Match the icon colors with your Event App's theme color for a cohesive design.

The color picker in the Change Icon modal.

Click Done, then click Save Changes in the feature settings modal when you're happy with your choice.

You on your way to being a design superstar! 🤩 Our Webex Events Academy course for Designing a Beautiful Event offers great tips and inspiration to help your event icons and graphics shine! 🎓

💡 Keep in mind, if you haven't logged in to the Academy since we merged with Webex Academy, read our quick guide to logging in.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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