Attendee feedback is crucial to insights that help you improve your events year over year. The Ratings & Reviews option makes it simple to collect attendee feedback for sessions, speakers, sponsors, and more. Let's take a look! 🔍

Screenshot of a session rating and review on the Event App.

Features with Ratings & Reviews

The following features support Ratings & Reviews:

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Ratings & Reviews option is on by default when you add any of these features to your Event App.

Activate Ratings & Reviews

To customize Ratings & Reviews for any of the features listed above, under ‘Event App’ (or 'Community' in a Community) in the navigation bar, click Features, hover over the feature you want to edit, and click the Settings (⚙️) icon.

Screenshot of a feature's Settings icon on the Platform.

In the modal that appears under 'Ratings & Reviews', you can activate or deactivate these settings:

  • Allow users to rate items in this feature - This setting activates/deactivates Ratings & Reviews for the entire feature. Ratings & Reviews are active by default.

  • Show average rating - Check this box to show attendees the average ratings for feature items.

  • Allow users to write reviews - Check this box to let users write custom text reviews in addition to star ratings.

  • Allow users to write anonymous reviews - Check this box to let users give their feedback anonymously.

View the results

After attendees leave ratings and reviews, see the results on your Event App's Metrics tab. Scroll down to the feature comparison area, and use the navigation arrows at the top left corner to locate and click a feature. Scroll to the far right to see reviews. Check out our Event App and Community Metrics article for more information about Event App metrics.

Screenshot showing the Feature Comparison section of the Metrics page.

Now that you know how to gather Ratings & Reviews for certain features, read our Attendee Insights article to learn how to get attendee feedback about the overall Event App experience. 💬

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