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Access and Edit Attendee Information
Access and Edit Attendee Information

Edit attendee tickets, groups, and preset agendas, block attendees, and more

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Accessing and editing attendee information can be critical both before and during your event. After attendees register for your Webex Event through Webex Events Registration, or after you add or upload them to your Event, they appear on the Attendees page in the order in which they were added or registered.

This article explains how to use the Attendees page to access, edit, and manage the attendees in your Webex Event.

The Attendees page

The Attendees page.

On the Attendees page, you can add a new attendee, import a list of attendees, and preset attendee agendas. Each attendee is listed with the following information:

  • Profile image

  • Attendee name

  • Email address

  • Groups

  • Ticket status - Only shown when Registration is active. Statuses are 'Complete', 'Cancelled', 'Refunded', and 'Not Paid'.

  • Attendee status - Shows the attendee's status in the Event App.

    • Inactive means the attendee hasn't logged in to the Event App.

    • Duplicate means the attendee has the same email address as one or more other attendees in the Event.

    • Active means the attendee has logged in to the Event App at least once.

    • Blocked means the attendee had previously logged in to the Event App, and a team member blocked them.

      💡 Keep in mind, if you block an active attendee as described in the following section of this article, and that attendee has the same email address as another attendee, their status will be 'Duplicate' instead of 'Blocked'. Learn how to resolve duplicates in our article about duplicate emails.

  • Checked in - Only shown when Onsite is active.

Use the Search box to quickly find an attendee by first name, last name, email address, title, company, order ID, or ticket ID.

Use the filter drop-down to filter attendees by ticket status, attendee status, tickets, checked-in status, and groups.

Attendee page actions

Individual attendee actions

Click the Settings () icon next to an attendee to take any of the following actions:

The settings menu for an attendee in the Attendees list.
  • View order - This option only appears if Registration is published in your Event. It opens the attendee's order summary on the Orders page in Registration.

  • View ticket - This option only appears if Registration is active in your Event. The PDF version of the attendee's ticket opens in a new browser tab.

  • Send confirmation - This option only appears if Registration is active in your Event. It lets you send or resend the attendee's order confirmation email.

  • Manage groups - Add or remove the attendee from one or more groups or exclusive groups.

  • Export - Download a .xlsx file containing the attendee's information.

  • Remove or Block - Depending on a few factors, you have the option to remove or block an attendee:

    • You can remove an attendee if all of the following are true:

      • They haven't checked in to your Event with Onsite.

      • They haven't logged in to the Event App yet.

      • They don't have an assigned ticket.

      • The Event start date is in the future.

  • If their status is 'Active', you can block them. When you block an attendee, their information is hidden from other attendees, and their wall posts, personal agenda, and other activity are deleted from the Event App. They'll also be blocked from checking in through the Onsite app. You can unblock a user, though this doesn't restore their previous activity.

    💡 Keep in mind, blocking a user in one Event doesn't block them from your other Events.

    💡 Keep in mind, blocked users will still be included in the attendee count for your organization.

Bulk actions

Click the checkboxes next to multiple attendees, then click the three-dot () icon next to the search field to assign or remove groups, export attendees, and remove or block attendees.

The bulk edit menu.

When you click 'Assign to groups', you can assign as many groups as you want. Check the box below the group selection drop-down to replace any groups the attendees are currently assigned to with the selected group(s).

The attendee profile

On the Attendees page, click on an attendee to open and edit their profile. An attendee's profile contains several tabs depending on which Webex Events products are active in your Event.


Screenshot of the attendee overview tab.

This page shows all of the following basic information. Items marked with an asterisk only appear when the associated product is active.

  • Profile image

  • Name

  • App login email* - The email address the attendee used to log in to the Event App.

  • Registered email - The email address the attendee registered or was uploaded with.

  • Ticket name*

  • Attendance - Shows whether the attendee is attending the event in person or virtually.

  • Exclusive group

  • Registration language* - If you activated language selection in Registration Settings, this field shows the language the attendee selected on the registration page when they registered for your event.

  • Last seen* - The date and time of the attendee's last activity in the Event App.

  • Custom questions - Shows the answers to questions the attendee answered during the registration process. This information can come from Webex Events Registration or imported attendee data.

  • Groups - The exclusive groups and groups the attendee is part of.

  • Accounts - The social handles and accounts the attendee has added to their profile.

  • Show QR code* - If Lead Retrieval is active in your Event, click this button to access or download the attendee's unique QR code.

  • Show badge* - If Onsite is active in your Event, click this button to open a preview of the attendee's badge. If the attendee is a virtual attendee, the 'Show badge' button doesn't appear in their profile.

Edit basic attendee information, ticket, and groups

On an attendee's Overview tab, click the Settings () icon next to the 'Attendee information' heading to access their ticket or order, send their confirmation email, block or remove them, or export their information.

To edit the attendee's information, ticket, registration email, groups, accounts, custom questions, and external ID, click Edit.

⚠️ Caution! You can only edit the 'External ID' field once. After you save a change, the field is locked.

The Settings menu expanded on the Attendee information section of an attendee's Overview tab.

Edit an attendee's group and exclusive group assignments by clicking the Edit button next to the 'Groups' heading.

Edit an attendee's accounts by clicking the Edit button next to the 'Accounts' heading.

Review an attendee's custom question answers

In the Custom Questions section as the bottom of an attendee's Overview tab, review any custom questions the attendee answered during registration or that you imported.


The Registration tab of an attendee profile.

The Registration tab only appears if Webex Events Registration is active in your Event. This tab shows the attendee's ticket information, status, order ID, order and check-in timeline, and UTM data if applicable.

Click the View ticket button to open the PDF version of the attendee's ticket in a new browser tab. This button only appears if the attendee registered through Webex Events Registration.


The Activity tab.

If your Event App is published, this tab shows details about user interactions with the Event App and other attendees. Search for something specific, or click the filter drop-down to narrow your search by certain kinds of activity:

  • Account activity - Shows when the attendee logged in to the Event App or updated their profile.

  • Connections - Shows the date and time the attendee sent or accepted connection requests and favorited people.

    💡 Keep in mind, multiple entries for the same person may appear in Activities since there are several connection statuses related to connecting with people.

  • Event Activity - Shows information about the attendee's interactions with the Event App, including what features they clicked, when they joined or left the Event App, when they activated Webex Events Closed Captions and what language they chose, and much more.

  • Messages - Shows when the attendee joined one-on-one or group conversations with connections and the names of attendees they chatted with.

  • Insights - Shows the user's Insights rating.

Click the Export all button to download all the attendee's activity and examine it in your preferred spreadsheet program.

Personal agenda

This tab shows all of the Sessions the attendee has added to their personal agenda in the Event App, or that were assigned to the attendee using the preset agenda feature.

Read our Attendance Management and Preset Agendas article to learn all about using preset agendas.

Social posts

The Social posts tab only appears if the Event App is published in your Event. If you're using the Wall feature, this tab lets you review, remove, or export the attendee's Wall posts.

Click the Settings () icon to export or remove individual posts, or check the box next to one or more posts and click the three-dot icon to export or delete posts in bulk.

Screenshot of the steps just described.

Click on a post to open the Post Details modal and find out who liked and commented on it. Click the Settings () icon to export or delete a post.

Screenshot of the Settings menu in the Post Details modal.

Now you know how to access and manage attendee information in the Webex Events platform! Have a cookie. 🍪

Now, learn about how attendees engage with each other in our Attendee Networking with Webex Events article.

Pro tips! 😎

  • Users can update their profile fields and personal agenda, even if you pre-populate them.

  • Users can't restore posts you removed. However, they can re-post the same content unless they're blocked.

  • If you're trying to find someone in the attendee list, it's often fastest to search by their email address.

  • Want to know how many attendees your Event has? Click the checkbox at the top of the Attendees page to find the total. If Onsite is active in your event, simply review the total in the "attendees checked in" banner at the top of the Attendees list. This includes all attendees, whether they were uploaded, added manually, or they registered through Webex Events Registration.

    All attendees selected with an arrow pointing to the total number.

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