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Use SessionBoard Portals to Collect Speaker, Exhibitor and Session Information
Use SessionBoard Portals to Collect Speaker, Exhibitor and Session Information

Use SessionBoard to manage your Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Sessions with dedicated collaboration portals.

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⚠️ Caution, this article is intended to share a potential fun use case for our incredibly flexible platform. We don't have a partnership with any vendors listed in this article, and our team doesn't provide technical support for their products. For help with any outside vendors, contact their support.

About SessionBoard

SessionBoard defines itself as a next-generation Speaker and Content Management Platform. Create a call for papers form, use the grading and evaluation tools to rate and select talks, and use SessionBoard's robust communication and scheduling tools to coordinate with speakers, request additional files and information, and build an agenda.

SessionBoard could help you save dozens of hours on the data sharing and communication processes with speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. To learn more, watch the video below and keep reading.

SessionBoard provides tiered pricing based on the number of speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors managed. To learn more about what SessionBoard can do, read their Overview article.

SessionBoard Resources

Visit the SessionBoard Help Center for guidance on using their platform.

Their help center even includes a guide to setting up Sponsor and Exhibitor Profile Forms that align with Webex Events (formerly Socio)

Reach Out For a Tailored Demo

For a personalized discussion about how SessionBoard can help with your Webex Event, fill out and submit our SessionBoard Contact Form linked below. Someone from the SessionBoard team will be in touch soon.

The SessionBoard team has lots of experience with Webex Events customers and can give knowledgeable, informed guidance.

Getting Started with SessionBoard

After you sign up for SessionBoard, a Customer Success Manager will provide personalized onboarding calls and support along your journey. Follow SessionBoard's New Client Onboarding Checklist for a comprehensive list of tasks to go from initial setup to sharing your first intake form.

💡 Keep in mind, setup in SessionBoard will take a few weeks. Work with your SessionBoard Customer Success Manager if you have questions about your timeline.

Tips for Managing Your Workflow

We know from experience that having a streamlined workflow can help make any project more efficient. Follow the tips below to ensure a simple experience without duplicate work.

  • Set deadlines and closing dates for Submissions and Collections.

  • Pre-determine which data you collect will be used in Webex Events.

  • Create an example sponsor, speaker, exhibitor, and session in SessionBoard. Export the examples in .xlsx format and test importing the data into Webex Events. Read our article about importing and exporting data for specific instructions.

  • Create forms with the data organized so you can easily copy it from the export and paste it into the Webex Events import templates.

  • It's best to export data from SessionBoard after you've collected all necessary information from speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. This prevents possible issues from multiple uploads. Follow our general import guidelines to ensure a smooth upload.

Transferring the Data to Webex Events

Although there isn't a direct integration between Webex Events and SessionBoard, it's easy to export data into a .xlsx file and import it into Webex Events.

Follow the instructions in SessionBoard's article about exporting data to download the data in .xlsx format.

Now, follow the instructions in our article about exporting and importing data to download the templates for each feature, copy the information from the SessionBoard export to the template, and import the data into your Webex Event. If you experience any import errors, our Common Import Errors and How To Fix Them article should help.

Missing something?

Let us know if you used this in your event and found a specific feature useful, or if we missed something that you think we should share with other customers.

Questions? For help with any outside vendors, contact their support.

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