Webex Events Onsite rental kits are your easy button for badge printing and check-in hardware. If you'd prefer to buy access to only the Webex Events Onsite software and source your own equipment, this article is for you! Read this article carefully to ensure you get the right equipment. 🔍

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Equipment amounts

How much of each type of equipment and how many badges you need depends on the size of your event. The table below shows our recommendations for several event sizes. In general, we always recommend having at least 250 spare badges for testing and reprints.





Badge Stock
















Let us help you!

We have a list of hardware vendors whose stock we track so we can help our customers reliably source equipment. If you want us to connect you directly to one of these vendors to purchase printers, routers, and network cables, fill out the purchase form linked below.

💡 Keep in mind, you must purchase badge stock, iPads, iPad stands, and extra device power cables separately. Reach out to your Webex Events contact if you have any questions.


Webex Events Onsite supports all Zebra ZD621 model printers with an LCD touchscreen. Any model starting with 'ZD6A1' has a touchscreen, though we prefer the following models that have a built-in cutter.

  • ZD6A142-321F00EZ (Direct thermal + thermal transfer)

  • ZD6A142-321L01EZ (Direct thermal + thermal transfer)

  • ZD6A142-D41L01EZ (Direct thermal)

  • ZD6A143-D21L01EZ (Direct thermal)

  • ZD6A143-D41L01EZ (Direct thermal)

  • ZD6A143-321L01EZ (Direct thermal + thermal transfer)

⭐️ Keep in mind, this isn't a comprehensive list of all ZD621 printer models with an LCD touchscreen.

Direct thermal only printers are slightly smaller because they don't include a place for a ribbon spool. This article from Zebra has a great explanation of the differences and benefits of direct thermal and thermal transfer printing.


We recommend a router with WiFi capability and at least two LAN ports. SIM capability is optional. Read the important information below for more details.

For Onsite to work, your iPads need to be connected to the same network as the printers. The simplest way to do this is using a router. The iPads connect to the router's WiFi network, and the printers connect to the router's LAN ports with ethernet cables.

😎 Pro Tip! Make sure staff can easily find each router's WiFi information.

The iPads also need to be connected to the internet, at least at first, so they can download your event's attendee data. When you rent equipment from Webex Events, we include a router with a SIM card so you don't need venue internet. While this could be a good option when purchasing equipment, it may not be cost-effective to maintain data plans for the routers.

If your router isn't connected to the internet, you can connect the iPads to a mobile hotspot or venue internet to download attendee data. Once data is downloaded, the iPads can be connected to the router's network and operate offline.

⚠️ Caution! If check-in iPads are offline, you can't sync new attendee registrations and changes to badge designs. You must connect the iPads to the internet to re-sync the Onsite data.


Any iPad that can run iPadOS 14.0 or later works with Onsite. Simple!


We recommend a stand that holds the iPad firmly, adjusts for different viewing angles, and can be flipped to face attendees or check-in staff on opposite sides of the check-in desk. It should also collapse easily for storage and shipment.

The model we send in our rental kits is the AboveTEK TS-158S.


Each printer must be connected to a router with a CAT6 ethernet cable. We recommend a 20 foot/6 meter run for each printer plus a spare in case of accidents. You may need longer runs, depending on the setup at certain venues.

Your iPads, printers, and routers all come with power cables, and you may need to buy power strips and extension cords for your kit in case the venue doesn't supply these. You may also want to buy longer iPad power cables


We support a variety of badge types and sizes. Read all about each one in our article about Onsite Badge Types. Reach out to us for help buying custom color badges. For normal blank badges, we're happy to help you order them, or you can find your own vendor.

We generally recommend tear-resistant 4x3 or 4x6 double-sided badges. These badges are durable, don't require badge holders, don't require printer ribbon, and are the easiest to print.

⚠️ Caution! Be careful not to buy badge sizes that Onsite doesn't support. Acceptable sizes are 4x6, 4x3, and 3x2.

Printable instructions

Download and print the PDF instruction sheet at the end of this article and give it to check-in staff as a resource. It includes iPad, Onsite app, router, and printer setup steps, plus helpful QR codes linking to more resources. If you're a rental customer, only use the sheet included in your kit shipment.

⚠️ Caution! We may occasionally update these instructions to reflect changes to the app, hardware, and process. Always re-download the sheet before each event to ensure your staff has the most current information.

Now you know how to buy equipment for Webex Events Onsite! When you've bought everything and are ready to set up, follow our Onsite Setup Guide for complete iPad, router, and printer setup steps.

Questions? Chat with us or email support@socio.events

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