If your Webex Events Registration and the Event AppCommunity, or Onsite are active in your Event or Community, only registrants with unique email addresses will sync to those products' attendee lists. This means that if two registrants share the same email address, they won't be able to check in or access your Event App or Community content until you update one of the registrants with a different email address.

This article shows you how to allow duplicate emails and fix them, and it provides outreach templates to help you contact registrants with duplicate emails.


Why are duplicate emails a problem?

  • Attendees use their email addresses to log in to your Event App or Community. After logging in, they create a networking profile and start making connections and interacting with your Event App features. All of these must be unique to each person, or events would get really confusing, really fast. 😵

  • Email addresses also uniquely identify each person who checks in through Webex Events Onsite. If two people have the same email address, they can't check in or print their badges. 📇

  • From a data and security perspective, allowing multiple users into a single Event App with the same uniquely-identifying email address is a Very Bad Idea™. So, we don't do it. 🔒

Ok, so why would I want to allow duplicate emails?

As you now know, one unique email address for each attendee is ideal. However, there may be valid reasons to allow duplicate emails. We've identified two of the most common reasons you might allow duplicate emails in Registration:

  • Depending on how you'll use the registrant data, duplicate emails might be fine if you're using Webex Events Registration by itself without an Event App, Community, or Onsite.

  • Sometimes companies decide to send a group of employees to an event, but they aren't quite sure who they want to send. One person from the company might purchase the right number of tickets in advance to lock in early pricing and then simply use their own email address for every ticket. If you want to allow this type of situation, you may decide to enable duplicate emails and then fix them later when the correct information is available.

Allow duplicate emails

In your Event or Community navigation bar under ‘Registration', click Settings, then click General. Scroll down to the 'Email Settings' section and find the Restrict Duplicate Email Addresses option. This option is enabled by default so that every ticket must be associated with a unique email address. To let multiple people register with the same email address, set the toggle to No. Click Publish Changes to save.

Screenshot showing the steps just described.

Identify duplicates

After registrants order more than one ticket using the same email address, you can easily view those duplicate emails and fix them so people can access your Event App or Community.

In your Event or Community navigation bar under ‘Registration', click Attendees. When there are duplicate emails, a banner above the attendee list appears warning you that there are duplicates. Click the Show Duplicates button to apply the Duplicate Emails filter to the attendee list.

Screenshot of the Attendees page. The duplicate email warning banner's Show Duplicates button is indicated.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the list doesn't automatically group attendees with the same email address. Review the list carefully to verify how many times an email was used.

You'll want to make sure the right people get the right tickets, so we recommend reviewing the following columns:

  • The Ticket Name column to determine if each ticket with the same email is unique or different

  • The Order ID # column to find out if the attendees registered on the same order or different orders

Screenshot of the Attendees page. The Email, Ticket Name, and Order ID # columns are indicated.

Contact attendees

Once you've identified the attendees with duplicate emails, get in touch with the attendees and request updated information so everyone can access your Event App or Community and check in with Onsite. We've provided the following template to help you out!

⚠️ Caution! For unpaid orders by invoice or check, we recommend waiting until those orders are paid to ask for updated information.

Email update request template

Be sure to replace the bold text in {braces} with the actual information from your event. If the names for each ticket are identical, mention each Ticket Name so that each person gets the right ticket.

Hi there!

Your email address was used to sign up {x} people for {event name/community name}. Please send us the correct name and associated email address for each ticket so everyone can access the {event/community}.

Currently, the following tickets are associated with your email address:

{attendee name, ticket name}

{attendee name, ticket name}

{attendee name, ticket name}


We look forward to welcoming you!

Fix duplicates

As attendees reply, update attendee profiles with the information.

⚠️ Caution! If multiple different attendees use the same email address, be very careful to associate the right email address with each attendee.

Access the list of attendees with duplicate emails as described earlier and click on a registrant to open their Attendee Profile.

Screenshot of the Attendees page. An attendee is indicated.

Click on the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the Attendee Registration Info panel, then click Edit.

Screenshot of the Edit options in the Settings menu on the Attendee Registration Info panel/

In the modal that appears, enter the new email address and First Name or Last Name if necessary. Click Save Changes when you're done.

Screenshot showing the Email field in the Edit Attendee Registration Info modal.

Resend Confirmation emails

Now that you've updated the email address, click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the attendee's name, then click Resend Confirmation. This ensures that each person gets the right ticket.

Screenshot of an Attendee Profile. The Settings menu is expanded as described above.

Now you know how to allow, locate, and fix duplicate attendee email addresses in Webex Events Registration. This is a great time to learn about launching and promoting your Event App!

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