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How to embed Vidcast videos in your event

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About Vidcast

Both Vidcast and Webex Events are part of Webex — we're excited to continue integrating the two products more and more!

Vidcast is a video messaging tool that makes recording, editing, and sharing short videos easy. It helps distributed teams collaborate more effectively and get time back in their day. Vidcast is free to use — simply sign in using your Webex credentials (or register for a free account) at

How Vidcast integrates with Webex Events

It's easy to embed Vidcasts in many areas of your Event App or Community to enrich the attendee experience with messages from you and your sponsors, presenters, and speakers.

We include Vidcast as a selectable streaming provider in Sessions and Live Stream features, and as a 'Content Provider' when building speaker and sponsor profiles or creating Custom List items.

External Links are another great way to incorporate a Vidcast embed link, and many features and items support them.

When you include a link to a Vidcast video in any of these places, attendees accessing it in the web experience access it within your Event App so they don't have to open a new browser tab.

The next section shows you how to embed Vidcast in your Event App. Let's go!

Copy the Vidcast embed link

From the My Videos page of Vidcast, click the video you want to use in your event, then click the Share button in the top right corner of the screen. In the modal that appears, click the Embed tab, then the Copy embed link button.

Screenshot showing the process just described.

💡 Keep in mind, because attendees may access your Event App or Community from a variety of devices with varying screen sizes, we recommend selecting Responsive size before copying the embed link.

Now you’re ready to put the link to use!

Paste the link into Webex Events

The process for inserting a Vidcast link depends on which feature or area of your Event App you add the link to.

Live Stream feature and Sessions

When editing a Live Stream feature or creating a Session in the Webex Events platform, simply select Vidcast as the stream provider or recording provider, then paste the embed link into the Vidcast URL field. Make any other needed changes, then save. It’s that simple!

Screenshot showing Vidcast as the selected Stream provider in a session. A Vidcast URL has been entered.

💡Keep in mind, attendees using your Event App or Community’s web version can access the video inside your event.

When attendees using the Web App click the Live Stream feature or the 'Join Live Stream' button for a Session, they simply click the Play button to start watching. Viewers can even use Vidcast's playback speed setting and closed captions, all without leaving the Event App!

Screenshot of a Vidcast video embedded in an Agenda session in the Web App.

💡 Keep in mind, Vidcast videos viewed on a mobile device open in the device’s default web browser.

Read our Live Stream feature guide to learn how to set up the Live Stream feature. For instructions on using Sessions, read our article about Sessions.

Sponsor, Exhibitor, Speaker, and Custom List features

No matter which of these features you use, the process is the same. Edit the feature's settings and set it to 'Grid View' so the Content Provider field is available when creating a new item. In the New Item modal, select Vidcast from the 'Content Provider' drop-down, then paste the embed link into the Vidcast URL field. Make any other needed changes and then save.

Screenshot of the Booth Side and Content Provider areas of the new item modal.

When attendees using the Web App click on an item in one of these features, the Vidcast video appears in the middle of the screen.

💡 Keep in mind, Vidcast videos viewed on a mobile device will open in the device’s default web browser.

Follow the links below for complete instructions on setting up each of these features!

External Links

There are several more places you can embed a Vidcast video into your Event App or Community! Find the complete list of each of these places in our External Links article.


How can I get Vidcast? Is there any cost?

Vidcast is free to use. Simply go to to register or sign in.

If you’re a Webex customer, sign in using the 'Continue with Webex' option. Otherwise, register for a free Vidcast account using Google, Microsoft, or by creating a free Webex account.

What’s the difference between pasting a Vidcast link into the Live Stream provider field vs the Recording field?

For the Live Stream feature, the behavior is the same. For the Agenda feature, the button attendees click on says 'Join Live Stream' or 'View Recording', depending on which one you chose. The Join Live Stream button appears 15 minutes before the Session’s scheduled start time. The 'View Recording' button appears 15 minutes after the Session’s scheduled end time.

Need help using Vidcast?

Visit the Vidcast Help Center, or send them a message via chat or email (

Now you know all about using Vidcast in your Event App or Community. Interested in using Webex Meetings in your event? Read Webex & Webex Events for more information!

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