The Lead Retrieval by Socio mobile app empowers your in-person exhibitors to rapidly capture leads with enriched data, qualify them, export to their CRM, and smash ROI - all by scanning attendees' QR codes. Exhibitors can use a phone or tablet to quickly scan leads, without any hardware to rent! The app can scan the QR code on an attendee’s printed badge, or their personal QR code in the Socio event app.

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There are two ways to give exhibitors access to Lead Retrieval for your event: You can purchase LR licenses in bulk and then add and invite exhibitors one by one, or you can skip bulk license purchase and set up an Exhibitor Purchase Form so exhibitors can buy their own licenses instead.

This article shows how to configure the Purchase Form and how it appears to exhibitors. For details on adding licenses and inviting exhibitors yourself, check this out.

Configure the purchase form

In your Lead Retrieval event, hover over the Settings tab and click Exhibitor Purchase Form.

Screenshot of the Exhibitor Purchase Form menu item.

First, you'll set the License Price. This is how much the exhibitor will pay, minus the fee Stripe charges for the payment transaction. How much you charge depends mostly on you. Simply ensure the amount is above the specified minimum.

⭐️ Keep in mind, when you use the Purchase Form, a percentage of the revenue from each license purchased is paid to your connected Stripe account and Socio's Stripe account. Reach out to your Socio contact or our support team for details.

Screenshot of the Edit Purchase Form page.

Now, select a Sponsors or Exhibitors feature in your connected Event App to pull profiles from. If you haven't added a Sponsors or Exhibitors feature to your event app yet, check this out for instructions.

Next, you can choose whether people using the form can add new exhibitor profiles to the Event App. New profiles created through the form will be added to the Sponsors or Exhibitors feature you selected. This will save you from having to enter all your exhibitors into the Event App beforehand. You'll still want to fill out exhibitor profiles with images, descriptions, and any other details.

⭐ Keep in mind, exhibitors who purchase Lead Retrieval don't have to appear in the Event App if you don't want them to. For example, you may have a lower sponsorship tier that doesn't allow for a profile in the app, but that does allow for a Lead Retrieval license. You can create a hidden category, and then add exhibitors to it to hide them from attendees.

Finally, click the Connect with Stripe button and follow the onscreen prompts to link your Stripe account to Socio's so you can receive payment for each license purchase. Once Stripe is connected, click Publish Changes to populate the Purchase Form Link.

Screenshot of the Publish Changes button at the bottom of the Edit Purchase Form page.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can disable the Exhibitor Purchase Form simply by disconnecting your Stripe account.

Copy and share the purchase form link

Now that the form is configured, it's time for exhibitors to purchase! 🎊 Click the Copy Link button, and then share it with your exhibitors through any medium you desire.

Screenshot of the Purchase form link area.

UTM Parameters

If you'd like to track how exhibitors are accessing the Purchase Form Link using UTM parameters, you can! Simply append the Purchase Form Link with the UTM parameters using your ad provider's URL builder before you send it out to exhibitors.

After exhibitors have purchased licenses, head over to the Exhibitors tab of your Lead Retrieval event to export the UTM data. To export data for a single exhibitor, click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the exhibitor and click Export.

To export data for all exhibitors, check the box to select all, click the three-dot icon next to the search field, and click Export.

In the export file, the Lead Retrieval Exhibitors sheet shows the UTM parameters.

The exhibitor experience

When an exhibitor clicks on the Purchase Form link, they're shown the welcome page pictured below. The learn more link leads to this article from our Lead Retrieval knowledge base, and the Click here to purchase! button leads to the form.

Screenshot of the landing page Exhibitors see after clicking a Form Link.

The form

The first step of the form asks the user to select their company from the existing list. If you chose to let users create new exhibitors in the form, they can check the "My Organization isn't listed" box to enter a new one. They must then enter their information or the information of the person who will be the first admin for the Organization. If they'd like to add more Admins, they can simply click Add Another Admin.

Screenshot of the Payment step of the Lead Retrieval Purchase form.

On the Payment step, the user can copy an Admin's name and email into the payment field or enter other information.

Screenshot of the Payment step of the Lead Retrieval Purchase form.

After clicking Place Order, a confirmation page appears that includes the Receipt Number, a summary of the email(s) to which instructions were sent, a link to this article that shows them how to get started with Lead Retrieval, and links to download the app from Apple and Google.

Screenshot of the Confirmation page Exhibitors see after submitting payment.

That's all you need to know about setting up and using the Lead Retrieval purchase form! Now check out our article about Sponsors and Exhibitors to learn how to fill in exhibitor profiles in your Event App. You can also take a peek at our Lead Retrieval knowledge base to see more about the exhibitor experience.

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