Webex Events Onsite is your on-demand onsite badge printing and check-in solution that integrates seamlessly with other Webex Events products. This article guides you through the first simple steps in configuring Webex Events Onsite for your Event.

For an overview of all the wonderful things Onsite can do, read our Introduction to Webex Events Onsite article.


In your Event or Community navigation bar, click Onsite, then click Get Started. This takes you to the Onsite Basics page.

Screenshot showing the process just described.

Everything on the Basics page is copied from what you entered when you created your Event — except the subtitle.

Screenshot of the Onsite Basics page.
  • You could use the Onsite Title as a cheerful welcome message or shorten the event name to a common acronym. The choice is yours.

  • The Subtitle is a good place to give attendees helpful instruction on what they should do. We recommend keeping the subtitle under 60 characters.

  • The Best Email Address to Reach You is only visible to your staff and Webex Events staff. If we need to contact you about Onsite, this is how we'll do it.

  • If you want a different Logo for Onsite than for your Event, click the upload icon and follow the instructions in the uploader.

Click Save & Continue when you're done making changes. This takes you to the Onsite Attendees page. Well done! You've taken your first step toward using Onsite at your event. 🎫

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