Webex Events Onsite is your solution for on-demand onsite badge printing and check-in that integrates seamlessly with other Webex Events products. This article shows you how to create a Webex Events Onsite event. Read on, or watch the video below for a demo!

Want an overview of the wonderful things Webex Events Onsite can do? Check this out.

Create an Onsite event

From any page in the Webex Events Platform, click the Onsite option, then click Create Event. The option you select in the modal that appears depends on your situation, so please read these instructions carefully! 👀

If you need to import registrants from a 3rd-party registration platform, click Start from scratch. Don't worry! You can still link Onsite to your Webex Events Registration after importing registrants from the 3rd-party platform.

⭐️ Keep in mind, after you link Onsite to Webex Events Registration, you can't import registrants into Onsite. Make sure you import first, then link. 👍

If you're using Webex Events Registration and don't need to import any registrants, click the drop-down to select an existing Webex Events Registration event to pull attendee data into Onsite, and click Select & Continue.


Event Basics

On the next page, supply the following, and look at the Preview on the right to see the results:

⭐️ Keep in mind, none of the information you enter during event creation is printed on attendee badges. Only information you add to badges is printed.

Screenshot of the Event Basics tab of Onsite event creation.
  • Event Name - This name appears to your attendees when using the Onsite App.

  • Subtitle - A welcome message, instructions for using the app, and even contact information for assistance can be used in the Subtitle.

  • Best Email Address to Reach You - This field is internal-only, and will serve as the main point of contact if Webex Events needs to contact you about your event. The email address should belong to someone who has access to the Webex Events Platform.

  • Logo - Upload a JPEG or PNG image at least 260px by 260px that appears in the Onsite App. If you use a transparent PNG, make sure you choose a background color that complements it.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you'll customize the background and accent colors during app configuration.

When you're done, click Save & Continue.

Event Location

The next step is to set your Event Location. This should be the location of the venue where you'll be printing badges.

Screenshot of the Event Location tab of Onsite event creation.
  • Location - Search for the event venue using the embedded Google Map search.

  • Venue Name - Enter what people would usually call this location in a conversation. Example: "Downtown Indianapolis Hyatt."

  • Venue Address - The address will auto-populate based on the Event Location. Double check that the address pulled from Google Maps is correct, and adjust it if necessary.

When you've checked the address' accuracy, click Save & Continue.

Event Date & Time

Select the start and end dates and times for your event. The Event Timezone is automatically set based on the location you entered in the previous step and can't be changed on this page.

Screenshot of the Event Date and Time tab of Onsite event creation.

When you're done, click Save. This will take you to the Attendees page.

Screenshot of the Onsite Attendees tab.

If you chose to create your event by linking an existing Registration Event, all attendees will automatically appear on this page as they register. If you're not using Webex Events Registration, import attendees by following these instructions.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you should include a test attendee so you can test badge printing without checking any real attendees in. 🧠

Now that you've created your Onsite event and attendees are in place, you're ready to customize and configure the Onsite App.

Questions? Chat Us or Email support@socio.events

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