As a moderator using the Socio Platform, it may be your job to remove reported content, manage Q&A and polls, oversee video rooms, or even block people from the event app. This article shows you how to do each of these and offers tips to make you the best moderator you can be. 🕵️‍♀️


Logging in

Wall moderation

Q&A moderation

Poll moderation

Video Room moderation

Blocking/Unblocking users

🗺️ Logging in

⭐ Keep in mind, moderator actions are easier to do from a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile devices can't be used for moderating Video Rooms.

The event organizer should already have set up the proper account/profile for you. If you're not sure how or where to access the Web App or the Socio Platform, contact the event organizer for help.

If you're moderating a video room, you'll need to log into the event's Web App as an attendee from a laptop or desktop computer.

If you're moderating any other aspect of the event discussed in this article, you'll need to log into the Socio Platform at

⭐ Keep in mind, if you're simply moderating chat, you can log into the event as an attendee. Work with the event organizer to work out how to log in and handle chat moderation.

Once you log into the Socio Platform, go to the Event App page, and locate the event in the list, then click on the event title. If you're moderating a Community, click on the Communities option, and then locate the community in the list.

💬 Wall moderation

Attendees can post either text or images to the Wall and comment on others' posts. If someone posts something offensive, other users can report their posts. You can see and respond to reported posts from the Wall page of the Socio Platform.

From the Edit Event page of the Socio Platform, hover your cursor over the Features dropdown, and click Wall. The feature's position in the list and its name may differ depending on how it was set up.

There are two tabs on the Wall page — Posts, and Reported Posts. The views and actions you can take on these tabs are identical in every way, but the Reported Posts tab shows only posts that attendees reported for offensive content.

All Wall posts are listed along with the User who posted it, the Time it was posted, and the number of likes, comments, and reports. Click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to a post to Delete or Export it.

Screenshot of a list of wall posts with the Settings dropdown expanded on one of them.

You can also multi-select posts and then click the three-dot icon next to the Search field to Delete them in bulk.

Screenshot of two posts selected and the three dot icon activated.

Click on a post to see who liked and reported it and to delete individual comments on the post. You can also click the Settings (⚙️) icon to delete the post from this modal.

Animated GIF showing a user clicking on a Wall post and clicking through the Likes and Comments tabs in the Post Details modal.

Now you know how to moderate Wall posts and comments!

🙋‍♂️ Q&A moderation

Q&A can be enabled for individual Agenda sessions or Live Stream features, or there can be a standalone Q&A feature. Regardless of how Q&A is enabled, however, you can manage every Q&A from a single page.

From the Manage [Event Name] page of the Socio Platform, click the Q&A and Polling tab. This takes you to the Q&A tab of the Q&A and Polling page.

Find the Q&A you need to moderate in the list, and click on it.

If the Q&A session is supposed to go live at a specific time, make sure the Enable Q&A toggle is set to "NO" until the right time. You can also enable or disable Q&A items from the main Q&A tab.

When the questions start coming in, the Moderation panel on the left shows all questions waiting for approval. Click the Settings (⚙️) icon, and then click either Approve or Dismiss. When you approve a question, it's added to the Live panel on the left, and attendees can see it.

Screenshot of the Moderation panel as described above. The settings icon is clicked and expanded.

Click the Archive tab in the top right corner to restore questions you dismissed.

If the Q&A is part of a live session, you may be required to read or send the questions to the speakers at appropriate times. Work with your event organizer to determine how this should be handled. Once a question has been answered, click the Settings (⚙️) icon next the the Question in the Live panel, and click Answered. You can also click Hide Question, to archive it without marking it as Answered or Dismissed.

When the Q&A session closes, you can go back to the Q&A tab to select the next one.

Now you know how to moderate Q&A!

📊 Polling moderation

Polls actually don't require moderation, but you may need to turn polls on or off for specific sessions or live streams — even if they were scheduled to go live at specific times. Here's a quick look at how to do that:

From the Manage [Event Name] page of the Socio Platform, click the Q&A and Polling tab. This takes you to the Q&A tab of the Q&A and Polling page.

Click the Polling tab in the top right corner of the page. All of the polls appear in a list on this page. Whenever it's time to activate or deactivate a poll, click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the poll title, and click the option you need.

Screenshot of the Polling tab. The settings cog next to one of the Polls is expanded.

You can also multi-select Polls and click the three-dot icon next to the search field to activate or deactivate them.

Screenshot of the Polling tab. Several Polls are selected and the three dot icon is expanded.

The person who created the polls may have scheduled some. If a poll is scheduled, its status will reflect that, and you won't need to manually activate it unless it needs to be activated sooner than its scheduled time.

Now you know how to turn Polls on and off!

💻 Video Room moderation

Since you'll be interacting directly with video room participants, there are more considerations than simply how to block people. That's why we've put tips and instructions in their own article. Check it out.

❌ Blocking/unblocking users

If a user is spamming or being disrespectful in session, sponsor, or speaker chat, you may be asked to block someone. Blocking someone removes all their posts, comments, and chats from the event. You can unblock someone after they've been blocked, but this will NOT restore their posts and comments.

⭐ Keep in mind, you generally won't block someone unless the organizer or a senior member of event staff asks you to.

Here's how to block/unblock someone:

From the Manage [Event Name] page of the Socio Platform, click Users & Groups. This takes you to the Users tab of the Users & Groups page.

Use search to locate the user, and then click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to their name to block them. If a user was previously blocked, you can unblock them this way, too.

Now you know how to moderate a Socio Event! 🏆

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