The world is connected like never before, and that makes events possible in new and exciting ways - like hybrid events! Good internet connectivity ensures a smooth and inclusive experience for your remote attendees and speakers, so it's important to let them know what internet speed they'll need.

This article outlines the minimum and recommended network requirements for the Webex Events App for attendees, speakers, and venues. You'll also find information on how Webex Events products work offline.


⭐️ Keep in mind, you should consider copying the minimum and/or recommended speed information and pasting it into pre-event communications with your attendees and speakers so they can plan accordingly.

📡 Remote attendee internet

The most internet-intensive aspect of any event is live streaming and video messaging/Video Rooms. We recommend:

Minimum: 5 Mbps upload and download

Recommended: 10 Mbps upload and download

🎤 Remote speaker internet

If you're using Webex Events Streaming in your event, remote speakers should have the following internet speed available on the device from which they'll be streaming:

Minimum: 10 Mbps upload and download

Recommended: 25 Mbps

🏨 On-site internet

Many event venues provide internet connectivity, though there's a chance you may have to arrange connectivity some other way. There are two separate considerations for on-site venues - attendee internet access, and AV internet access.

Webex Events Onsite

Webex Events Onsite Check In and Badge Printing requires an internet connection to set up your check in iPads and any time you need to refresh attendee data.

Minimum: 5 Mbps upload and download

⭐️ Keep in mind, the routers included in the Onsite kit are equipped with a 4G SIM card as a fallback internet option in case venue internet goes down or is unavailable.


On-site attendees use the app for things like messaging, the Game, posting to the social Wall, and more. Attendees will often look for WiFi to avoid using their cellular data cap.

In general, we recommend the following for attendee WiFi:

Minimum: 5 Mbps upload and download per 100 participants

Recommended: 10 Mbps upload and download per 100 participants

AV streaming

If you're working with an AV company to produce video at your hybrid event, they may provide their own internet solution, and each one may have a specific speed requirement. Work with your AV company to determine their needs.

If your AV company is simply providing production hardware and services, and streaming will be through Webex Events Streaming by Restream, refer to the guidelines above.

If you haven't contracted an AV company yet and you're ready to select a venue, ask the venue about their internet capabilities and pricing before you sign the contract. The recommendations below are based on customer feedback. Your exact needs may be lower or higher depending on the size of your event and the AV company you choose:

Minimum: 25 Mbps upload and download

Recommended: 50 Mbps upload and download

Webex Events offline functionality

Event App/Mobile App

If internet connectivity goes down or becomes unavailable, the Web App won't work for attendees. Many Webex Events features will still work on Mobile in a degraded state.

Anything that relies on an internet connection, such as an external link, an embedded video on a Sponsor profile, or a PDF a user might want to download won't be available. Most text aspects of the event such as Agenda information, speaker and sponsor profiles, and the Overview will still be visible if attendees need information. Fully online or user interaction elements such as live streams, the Game feature, and the Wall feature won't work, and some images may not load.

Lead Retrieval

We designed the Lead Retrieval app to keep work online or offline, so exhibitors can keep collecting leads until the internet comes back. The only aspect of Lead Retrieval that won't work is syncing. Since leads collected or edited by one team member can't sync to others, individual team members won't see changes until internet connectivity is restored. Once connectivity comes back, everything will sync up. 👍


If your Onsite kiosk iPads lose venue hard line internet connectivity, the routers that come in your Onsite kit have a SIM card to fall back on. If the routers can't pick up a cell signal, you can still print badges without interruption! However, until you restore internet connectivity, you can't refresh attendee data on iPads. This means that any changes you make to attendee data in the Webex Events Platform won't be reflected on badges.

Now that you know about internet speed requirements, check out our allowlist article so you can set your attendees up for success in joining your event.

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