As a Video Room moderator, there's more to your role than simply getting rid of the occasional troll. It's your job to foster discussion when the crickets start chirping and ensure that everyone gets a turn. These instructions offer some basic tips on how to be an effective moderator - and of course we'll show you how to get rid of those trolls, too. 👢

Watch this video, or keep reading to learn how to moderate a Video Room!

While anyone can join Video Rooms on web or mobile, moderation features are only available when you join a Video Room on the Web App — not on Branded Apps or the Socio App. You can open the Web App in a browser on your mobile device, but we recommend testing beforehand to make sure moderation features work as expected.

If you're not sure how to access the Web App or you can't log in, contact the event organizer.


Finding your room(s)

Moderation tips

How to Remove people and delete chats

Finding your Room(s)

Identifying which rooms you're moderating is easy! Simply look through the list of rooms for any that have the "Moderated by you" tag in the top right corner.

Screenshot of a video room with the

Click Join on the room, check your mic and video settings, and then click Join again to enter the room. If you run into problems with your camera/mic, check out our Video Room troubleshooting guide.

Screenshot of the pop-up that appears after a user clicks Join on a Video Room.

That's it! You're ready to start moderating.

Moderation Tips

⏲️ Practice, and be early

Practice may not always make perfect, but it can help you to feel more comfortable. If you're giving a presentation, running an activity, or delivering a set of instructions, run through what you'll say once or twice before you join the room. If there are Video Rooms available before yours will be, join one so you can see how it goes. 👀

Don't let all that practice make you late! You always want to be the first person in the room so you're there to greet everyone who joins. If you're sitting there alone for several minutes, that's a great time for some last-minute practice. 😉

👋 Start with a warm welcome

Smile! Try to greet each person who enters the room as soon as you can without interrupting others. Ask where they're from, how they've been enjoying the event, or what they were doing last as icebreakers.

Being high-energy can help people feel welcome and energized, too. Let people know that you're happy they've joined!

✔️ Keep it simple

Sometimes less really is more. If you're taking attendees through an activity, try to use only digital props so they don't have to hunt around for things like pens or paper.

If conversation starts to lull 🦗, don't feel like you have to fill the dead space. Ask someone by name to share what their favorite session or speaker so far has been, or which planet they'd most like to visit! Facilitate the conversation, then step back and give people room to talk. Repeat as needed.

How to Remove people and delete chats

Kicking someone out of a video room should be a last resort. If someone is being disrespectful, try gently guiding the conversation away from a contentious topic, or suggest they can continue the discussion later via private chat.

If it's clear that the person won't back down, it's probably time to remove them from the room. Here's how:

Hover your mouse over the video panel for the person you want to remove, and click the red Remove button that appears in the bottom right corner of the panel.

Screenshot showing the Remove button on a video panel and the Confirm Remove modal.

In the window that appears, choose how long the participant should be banned, and check the box to delete their chats as well. When you're ready, click Remove.

After you click Remove, the person will be removed from the room, and they'll see a message that they were removed by the moderator.

Now you know what you need to be a Video Room moderator! To achieve true expertise, we suggest you study up on our tips and troubleshooting for audio/video in Video Rooms, too.

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