We know it's important to be able to gather attendee reactions so you can improve your event year after year. Attendee Insights let you automatically prompt attendees for feedback about the event. By default, the Attendee Insights pop-up is turned on, but it can be turned off. Web App users will see the pop-up after they complete one of a set of actions in the event.

Screenshot of the Insights pop-up.

Actions that trigger the feedback pop-up include:

  • Joining 2 sessions

  • Posting to the wall

  • Rating 1 session, speaker, etc.

  • Favoriting 2 other attendees

  • Answering 2 Polls

  • Completing 2 Game Challenges

  • Posting 2 Chat messages in a session, stream, etc.

Attendees can choose from 5 different responses and leave a comment with their feedback. Responses are Love, Like, Neutral, Dislike, and Hate.

Which response they choose determines what's shown when they click Send Feedback. If the attendee chooses either Love or Like, they'll see a "thank you" message and two buttons that open the Referral Program and Request a Demo pages of the Socio website in a new tab.

If they select Neutral or worse, attendees see only the "thank you" message.


Once attendees have submitted feedback, you can see Daily, Weekly, and Monthly stats on the Metrics tab, and click on each of the five feedback types to see exactly who selected it.

Screenshot of the Attendee Insights panel on the Metrics page.

Disable Attendee Insights

If you'd like to disable Attendee Insights, simply click the Settings dropdown in your event, and click Attendee Insights.

Screenshot of the Settings menu expanded.

In the modal that appears, uncheck the Prompt attendees for feedback checkbox and click Save Changes.

Now you know all about Attendee Insights! If you'd like to supplement Insights or just use a more complex feedback form, you could consider inserting a survey into your event.

Questions? Chat Us or Email support@socio.events

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