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Gather feedback from your attendees and improve your event

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We know it's important to gather attendee reactions so you can improve your event year after year. We offer options to help you gather this data, and Attendee Insights is one of them! After Web App users complete one of a set of actions, a prompt automatically appears asking them to rate their experience.

The Attendee Insights option is on by default for any Event App with the Web App activated.

How it works

For Web App users, a pop-up appears after they complete one of a set of actions in the Event App. Actions that activate the feedback pop-up include:

  • Joining three Sessions

  • Posting three items to the wall

  • Rating two Sessions, speakers, items, etc. with five stars

  • Favoriting four items

  • Submitting six poll answers

  • Completing six Game challenges

  • Participating in two unique chats (Session, sponsor, etc)

Attendees choose from five different responses and can leave a comment with their feedback. Responses are 'Love', 'Like', 'Neutral', 'Dislike', and 'Hate'.

The Feedback modal with the options just described.

After clicking 'Sent Feedback', a 'Thank you' message appears, and attendees can close the message and continue interacting with the Web App.

The Feedback thank you message after submitting feedback.


After attendees submit feedback, the Event App Metrics page shows daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. Click on each of the five feedback types for details on exactly who selected them.

The Attendee Insights panel on the Metrics page.

Deactivate Attendee Insights

If you want to deactivate Attendee Insights, here's how:

In the navigation bar under 'Event App', click Web App, then un-check the Prompt attendees for feedback box.

The process just described.

Click Save when you're done.

Now you know all about Attendee Insights! 🎉 If you want to supplement Attendee Insights or simply use a more complex feedback form, consider embedding a survey in your Event App.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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