Sometimes it simply makes more sense to show audiences pre-recorded content. Whether you're hosting a video for people to watch at their leisure, showing a video as live content, or inserting pre-recorded content into a live stream with real presenters, this article has the goods to show what your options are for each scenario.

If you're simply looking for how to add session recordings to your event, check this out.

Screenshot of a video playing in the Socio platform.

⭐️ Keep in mind, this article is meant to provide general steps for each option. Use the included links to other articles to learn more about each step if you're not already familiar.

How you create and record the content is entirely up to you. If you're doing a combination of pre-recorded and fully-live streams, you might consider using Socio Streaming to record your content and then download the Stream recording so that it matches nicely with the live sessions. Check out this article about running a test stream to learn how to practice and pre-record.


🌟 Socio Simulive and Video on Demand

If you've pre-recorded your entire stream and simply want to host video online and then add it to your Socio Event's Agenda or Live Stream feature, this is the method for you! Whether you want the content to play as Simulive or as Video on Demand, Socio's Video Center has you covered. For information on how to use Video Center, check this out.

⭐️ Keep in mind, with Socio Simulive, you can still use the Closed Captions, chat, Q&A, polling, and Custom Tab features just like with Socio Streaming.

Externally hosted Video

If for some reason you don't want to use Video Center, you can still show a video in your Socio event by hosting it on an external site. Keep reading to learn more about this method.

For external video hosting, we recommend one of these providers:

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Twitch

  • Wistia
    ⭐️ Keep in mind, Wistia is recommended if you need secure video hosting since attendees can't copy and share the link outside the Socio event. For more information on using Wistia, check this out.

  • DailyMotion

  • Facebook

  • Streamable

  • SoundCloud

Once your video has been uploaded to your chosen hosting site, copy the URL.

Add the Video Link to Socio

If you're using the Live Stream feature, add or edit the feature, and select the correct Provider from the list, then paste in the URL. In this example, we're using YouTube to host the video.

Screenshot of the Edit Live Stream pop-up with YouTube selected and a URL filled in.

If you're using an Agenda session, add or edit the session, and select the correct Provider from the list, then paste in the URL. You can also paste the same link into the Video Recording field so it remains available after the session end time is reached.

Screenshot of the Live Stream section of the Edit Agenda window. YouTube is selected.

Whichever option you're using, make sure that Open in external browser isn't checked.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you want to make sure the video seems like a live broadcast, wait until after the session’s end time to put the link into the view recording area. Some hosting sites allow for simulive-like streaming, so refer to the documentation for your chosen provider for details.

Pre-recorded streams with Socio Streaming

This use case is for when you want your live stream to be fully pre-recorded, and you also want to use some of the features of the Socio Streaming studio, such as overlays and backgrounds. This is also useful if you want to play more than one video during a stream, and you don't want to splice the video files together.

Socio Streaming Video Clips

Familiarize yourself with the Restream studio, and upload any Video Clips the day before the stream so they're ready when it's time to go live.

⭐️ Keep in mind, Video Clips must 16:9 ratio and no less than 720p. Processing/upload time will vary depending on internet connection. Uploads could take up to 2x the video duration (example: a 1 hour video may take up to 2 hours to upload and process).

When you're ready to play the video, simply click the video clip you'd like to play, and it'll start playing in your live stream immediately.

If you want to use Captions, Logos, and Overlays in the stream while a Video Clip is playing, click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the Video Clips label, and turn the Video Only toggle off.

Screenshot of the Video clips section of the Socio Streaming studio.

For full instructions, check out our guide on using the Socio Streaming Studio.

Socio Streaming Video storage and Local video

If you want a fully pre-recorded stream, and you'd like to highlight chat messages or use banners and overlays, Socio Streaming's Video storage or Local video features could be the way to go.

⭐️ Keep in mind, when sharing Local video, the speed of your internet may affect the quality of the video in the stream. We recommend using Video storage or Video clips for the best results. Follow Restream's video and audio guidelines for the best recording and encoding settings.

To use either of these options, simply click the Add Source (+) button. In the modal that appears, click either Video storage or Local video.

Screenshot of the Choose the Source Type modal.
  • Video storage - Click Upload Videos, and select a file from your computer, or click the Descript, Google Drive, or Dropbox buttons, and paste a public link to a video hosted on one of those sites. Whichever of these options you choose, the file will take some time to import and process, so make sure you add videos well before the live stream starts.

    Screenshot of the Choose a video modal.
  • Local video - Click Local video, and a window appears where you can select a video file stored on your computer. When you select the file, the video will be added to your stream as if it were a new speaker. Simply click the toggle to add it to the live stream and begin playing it.

You can use Overlays and Captions, and even highlight Chat questions like you would in a normal live stream. Neat, huh?

⭐️ Keep in mind, attendees may briefly see the video controls at the bottom of the live stream when you add a local video file, which could break the illusion that the content is really happening live. Practice adding the video file before going live to make sure everything looks smooth.

For full instructions, check out our guide on using the Socio Streaming Studio.

Partially pre-recorded streams

This use case is for when you have live speakers that'll be presenting to your attendees, and you also have some recorded content to sprinkle in along the way. For this, you can use Socio Streaming, the Socio RTMP player, or other meeting software.

Socio Streaming

Your best bet for this use case is going to be Socio Streaming's Video Clips or Local Video features, as described above.

Socio Streaming gives you all the other benefits of the Socio Platform, such as Chat, Q&A, and Polling, plus all the features of Restream's studio.

Webex, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Zoom

If you don't want to use Socio Streaming, you can use meeting software. Our top recommendations are Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and Webex. Please refer to these services’ respective guides for best practices on sharing a video during a live stream:

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you use one of these services, you won't have the benefit of integrating Socio's Chat, Q&A, or Polling features into the live stream and will need to use another solution.

Add the Meeting Link to Socio

If you're using the Live Stream feature, add or edit the feature, select the correct Provider from the list, then paste in the meeting URL. In this example, we're using Zoom as the meeting provider.

If you're using an Agenda session, add or edit the session, select the correct Provider from the list, then paste in the meeting URL. In this example, we've selected Other as the provider and pasted in a Microsoft Teams link.

Screenshots of the Edit Live Stream modal and the Live Stream section of the Agenda session creation modal. A Webex link is filled in.

⭐️ Keep in mind, none of these meeting providers are embeddable in Socio, so always make sure the Open in external browser box is checked.

When attendees click the Join Live Stream button, they'll be prompted to open the meeting platform outside the Socio Platform.

Socio RTMP Player + Streaming software

Many software tools can stream via RTMP to display video within Socio, such as OBS and vMix. Your professional A/V team of choice can mix live and pre-recorded elements as well. RTMP can get a little technical, and the possibilities for streaming with it are too many to list here. To learn more about using Socio's RTMP player, check this out.

If you use the RTMP player, you still get the benefit of using Socio's Chat, Q&A, and Polling.

Now you know all about using pre-recorded video in your live streams! Why not check out how you can add video to Sponsor profiles, too?

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