It would be nice if you only heard from attendees who are excited about your amazing event. However, we all know that everyone needs help sometimes! This article guides you through resolving attendee login issues so you can help folks get back to enjoying all your Event App has to offer.


'Email not registered/not registered for this event'

When an Event App is set to invite-only, attendees experience issues when they try to log in to the Mobile App or Web App with a different email address than the one they registered or were added to the Event App with. Sometimes there's a typo in the email address, or they registered with a personal email rather than their work email.

In either case, a message will appear letting them know the email they're trying to use isn't registered.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can customize the 'Email not registered' message at any time. This is a great place to provide instructions and help attendees understand why they can't access your Event App. Refer to our Privacy Settings article to learn more.

Web App — 'Email Not Registered'

If the user tries to log in on the Web App, an 'Email Not Registered' error appears that prompts them to click OK and try again. If they still can't log in, they'll likely contact you for help. First, verify the exact email they're using to try to log in, then follow these steps to help resolve the issue.

Screenshot of the Email Not Registered message on the Web App.

Mobile App — 'The email in your profile is not registered for this event.'

If the user tries to log in on the Mobile app, an error message appears that says, 'The email in your profile is not registered for this event' and prompts them to either update their profile or request access to the Event App.

Screenshot of the error message just described on the Mobile App.
  • Update Profile - If the attendee selects 'Update Profile', they should update the profile email address to match the email they registered or were invited with so they can access the Event App. They can also add their invited email address to their profile as an additional account. That’s why you'll sometimes notice that a user’s Login Email is different from the Registration Email. In either case, they'll still use their initial email address to log in to the Event App.

  • Request Access - If the attendee still can't log in after updating their profile email, they can select 'Request Access', which sends an access request email to the event organizer. The email has the subject line, 'Message from {attendee name} regarding {event name}', and it provides instructions to grant access to the person trying to join your Event App.

    ⭐️ Keep in mind, the Request Access function sends an email to the address entered in the Best Email Address to Reach You field on your Event's Basics page.

    If you get this email, take note of the user's email address at the bottom of the email, then follow the steps in the next section.

    Screenshot of the email planners receive when an attendee selects Request Access.

Find and fix a user

Go to the Users & Groups page in your Event App and search for the attendee by name. If there's no result, search the email address from the Request Access email.

If there's still no result, you can manually add them to the Event App. If you received the automated Resquest Access email, reply to it and let them know they can try logging in again.

If you find the attendee via search, click on their name to view their profile.

Screenshot of a search result in the Users and Groups tab. The attendee name is indicated.

If the user's status is Active, that means they've already logged in to the Event App, and you can't correct their email address. In this case, simply reply to the email you received, let them know the Login Email listed on their profile, and ask them to use that email to log in.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if a user logs in with a Login Email that contains a typo, they won't receive password reset requests. If the attendee uses the Request Follow-up feature for a Sponsor, Exhibitor, etc., they won't receive follow-up communication. Learn how to fix this in the next section.

Screenshot of an Active attendee profile.

If the user isn't Active, locate the Registration Email on the user's profile. In the following example, the user's email address has a typo.

To fix the email, click the Settings (⚙️) icon, click Edit, then correct the typo in the Email field.

Screenshot of the attendee profile with the Settings menu expanded.

If the Registration Email listed is completely different than the one included in the access request email, copy the Registration Email and then reply to the access request email you received and ask the attendee to try logging into the Event App with their Registration Email.

If the attendee replies saying they don't want to use that email address, you can edit their profile and update the Email field as described earlier.

At this point, the attendee should be able to log in successfully!

'Email already tied to a profile' (Web App)

If an attendee updated their email on the Mobile App after logging in there and then tries to log in to the Web App with the updated email, they'll get a message that says, 'The email being used is already tied to a profile. Please log in with the correct account'.

Screenshot of the error just described.

If an attendee contacts you about this error, simply ask them to log in with the same email they used to log in to the Mobile App. That email is located in the attendee profile within the Users and Groups page, under the Login Email heading. The Login Email is always the email a person's account is tied to, and they must use it to log in to the Event App.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if a user logs in with a Login Email that contains a typo, they won't receive password reset requests. If the attendee uses the Request Follow-up feature for a Sponsor, Exhibitor, etc., they won't receive follow-up communication.

If the user doesn't want to log in with the email listed under 'Login Email', the best option is to delete the user's account and re-add it to the Event App. You can ask the user to delete their account from the Mobile App settings.

⚠️ Caution! Deleting an attendee's account will remove their posts, connections, or other interactions from the Event App.

Attendees are logged in to a previous Event in the Mobile App

When an attendee logs in to the Webex Events App or your Branded App and selects an Event to join, that Event App opens automatically each time they reopen the app. When it's time to join a new event, attendees may be confused when they open the app and find themselves in an old one instead. If an attendee contacts you about this, you can help them resolve it easily!

Attendees can simply tap the Switch Event icon at the top right corner of the Event App's home page. This takes them back to the Event and Community list where they can find and join a new one.

Screenshot of an Event App in the Webex Events App. The leave event button is indicated.

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