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Copy the Registration Link and Use Widgets
Copy the Registration Link and Use Widgets

Copy the URL to you registration page for sharing, and embed the registration form into your website

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After you've published Registration for your Event, it's time to start spreading the word! We provide several easy ways to promote registration in websites, emails, and social spaces:

  • The general Registration page link

  • Direct ticket links

  • Prefilled promo code links

  • Widgets

Let's explore each option. 🔎

Registration page link

After publishing Registration, the general Registration page link appears below the page title when editing nearly any aspect of your Registration. Simply copy it and then paste it into your website, emails, and social media spaces! Remember that you can also activate UTM parameters and integrate third-party analytics tools to track registration page traffic.

The Registration page link on the Webex Events platform.

Click the Registration page link and try it yourself. 👍

Direct ticket links

Want to send a link that shows the Registration page with only one ticket visible? It's easy!

  1. Go to the Tickets page.

  2. Click the Settings () icon next to the ticket you want to share.

  3. Click Share link.

  4. In the modal that appears, copy the URL and share it anywhere you like.

Prefilled promo code links

Make it easier to take advantage of your promo pricing and hidden tickets by sharing the Registration page with a promo code automatically filled in. Here's how:

The get shareable link modal.
  1. In the Event navigation bar under Registration, click Promote.

  2. Click Promo Codes.

  3. On the Promo Codes page, click the Settings () icon next to the code you want to pre-fill.

  4. Click Share link.

  5. In the modal that appears, copy the URL and share it anywhere you like.

Embed registration with widgets

A widget is a snippet of code that lets you embed part of one website into another. There are two available Widget types — a button widget and a ticket widget. In your Event navigation bar under ‘Registration’, click Promote, then click Widgets to access and configure Registration widgets!

The steps just described.

Button widget

The button widget is simply a button that opens your registration page in a new tab. Here's how to configure it:

Screenshot showing the Button Widget portion of the Widgets page.
  1. Customize the button and text color to better reflect your event. 🙌 Use the color picker or enter a specific Hex or RGB color code of your choice.

  2. Enter your custom button text.

  3. Check the button preview to make sure you like it, then copy the widget and add it to your site's code!

Ticket widget

People like to know what's available and how much tickets cost as early in the buying process as possible. The ticket widget lets you show potential registrants all visible ticket options and prices right on your website without redirecting them to Webex Events! This can help instill confidence before registering and lead to more registrations.

The Ticket Widget section of the Widgets page.

When a registrant selects a ticket and clicks Order Now, they're directed to the full registration experience.

To use this widget, simply customize the 'Order Now' button text to anything under 30 characters. If you want to hide the event details at the top of the widget, uncheck the Show Header option.

The theme color on your Registration's 'Appearance' page determines the colors in this widget.

The following image shows an embedded ticket widget on one of our customers' websites. 😍

The Button Widget portion of the Widgets page.

Embed widgets in your website

To embed a widget in your website, you'll need to add the widget code to your site's code. The process will vary depending on the way your website is built. The person who manages your website will know what to do.

If you're using UTM parameters with your widgets, you must update the href URL within the widget so UTM parameters are tracked. Make sure you only put the href URL into your ad provider's URL builder, then paste the appended URL back into the widget code before publishing.

⚠️ Caution! Update the widget code on your website if you change any of the widget settings, or if you change the Registration page URL after embedding.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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