RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) allows you send a stream from third-party broadcasting software directly to a Socio live stream.

Animated GIF that illustrates data passing from a speaker through Socio RTMP to viewers.

What is the Socio RTMP Player?

Broadcasting software enables content creators to produce live streams and then send a video feed out to viewers. Many broadcasting software providers, like YouTube and Twitch, include a place for the streams to be hosted where viewers can watch, but they also allow the content to be streamed to another destination.

That's where the Socio RTMP Player comes in - we provide a Stream Key and RTMP URL that tells your broadcast software where to send the signal. Once you've entered these into your broadcasting software, the Socio RTMP player maintains a constant connection. When you start the live stream being produced in your broadcasting software, it shows up in your Socio Event's Live Stream feature or Agenda Session.

Screenshot of a Live Stream in a Socio event.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the RTMP Player is an additional cost add-on feature for your Socio event.

Benefits of RTMP

  1. You can ditch the meeting software altogether. With Socio’s RTMP player, you can utilize an agency or audio-visual company for higher-quality, professionally produced video.

  2. RTMP opens the door for additional sponsorship opportunities, since you can weave in sponsor commercials, branded banners, and other promotional materials.

  3. RTMP is also more stable than many streaming options. That means you can stream confidently to a small group, or tens of thousands of attendees.

    ⭐️ Keep in mind, the RTMP Player will only display content at 720p in the Socio Event, even if the original stream quality is higher.

  4. RTMP is a future-proof solution for hybrid events. It’s the only way to realistically sync multiple speakers and locations, which is key in producing an engaging experience for in-person and virtual audiences.

  5. With our session chat functionality, you can use RTMP to broadcast with your preferred streaming option, yet still pair it with a live session chat for a streamlined attendee experience.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the RTMP Player does not record content. If this is important to you, we recommend verifying that you can record through your chosen broadcasting software.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, reach out to your Socio contact! For more info on broadcasting software and how it connects to Socio's RTMP Player, check this out.

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