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Introduction to the Webex Events RTMP Player
Introduction to the Webex Events RTMP Player
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We recommend Webex Events Production Studio as the simplest solution for producing professional-quality live streams in your Webex Events App. However, it's not a catch-all for every streaming need. If you want to use a streaming platform not officially supported by Webex Events, use multiple different platforms for a single stream, or stream meeting software like Webex directly to your Event App, then Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is for you!

The Webex Events RTMP Player embeds a live stream into your Webex Event's Live Stream feature or Agenda Sessions with minimal setup.

An active live stream in the Web App.

💡 Keep in mind, the RTMP player can only show incoming feeds. It can't broadcast a live stream from the Webex Events platform to another site like Facebook or Twitch.

Keep reading to learn more about what RTMP is, then read our article on how to use RTMP. 👍

What is RTMP?

Video production and broadcasting software lets content creators produce live streams and then send a video feed out to viewers. Many providers like YouTube and Twitch include a player where viewers can watch the broadcast, while others don't. That's where the Webex Events RTMP Player comes in.

RTMP is a protocol for streaming content from one platform so it appears in another. All you need is a Stream Key and RTMP URL — no custom integration work required!

The Webex Events RTMP Player provides a Stream Key and RTMP URL for each live stream. These tell your broadcast software where to send the video feed. Once you've entered the Key and URL into the broadcasting software, the Webex Events RTMP player maintains a constant connection. When you start the live stream in your broadcasting software, attendees can watch it in a Webex Events Live Stream feature or Session.

All this means that you have the flexibility to use nearly any streaming platform that supports RTMP to stream content to your Webex Events App, and your attendees won't need to open another tab or program! 😄

RTMP benefits and considerations


  • Stream content to your Webex Event from nearly any platform that supports RTMP. Local streaming software like Wirecast and vMix, online streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, or even meeting software like Webex are all possibilities!

    💡 Keep in mind, always test compatibility with any provider to make sure it works and to understand what attendees can expect.

  • Work with an agency or Audio Visual (AV) company for professionally-produced streams, even if they have their own proprietary streaming tech. Hiring an AV company is often necessary for Hybrid events.

  • Use Webex Events Chat, Q&A, Polling, and Captions solutions with the RTMP player and embed countless sites like Slido using a Custom Tab.

    Animated GIF showing a live stream in the Web App while the user is answering a Poll and using the Chat feature.
  • RTMP opens the door for additional sponsorship opportunities. Incorporate sponsor commercials, branded banners, and other promotional materials from multiple different sources in a single stream.


  • The RTMP Player is exactly that — a player that shows only what's being streamed from an outside source. You control commercials, overlays, interstitials, and other branding and production from your selected broadcast or meeting software. If you need recordings, make sure the software you're working with can provide them.

  • Selecting and coordinating your streaming solution is all up to you. Consider costs for the provider and production services, and plan for coordinating graphics, transitions, and overlays.

  • Implementing RTMP in your chosen broadcast software might get technical, depending on which one you select. Consider hiring an expert to help you run your streams and ensure smooth operation.

  • Implementing RTMP can be more expensive than Webex Events Production Studio if you're working with an AV company or using expensive software. Streaming platforms and meeting software may gate RTMP support behind paid tiers.

If RTMP seems like a good fit for you, read our article about streaming to Webex Events from Third-party Software with RTMP to get started!

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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