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Manage Registration Orders
Manage Registration Orders

View, refund, cancel, or mark orders as paid and manually send order confirmations

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After people have registered for your Event through Webex Events Registration, the Orders page in the Webex Events platform is where you can review and manage all registration orders in a convenient table. This article provides an overview of the Orders page and shows you how to access and manage order details.

The Orders page

In your Event navigation bar under 'Registration', click Orders to open the Orders page. The Orders page contains a table with the following columns:

The Registration Orders page on the Webex Events platform.
  • Order ID# - A unique identifier for the order.

  • Buyer Name - This is the person who paid for the ticket. This may not be the same as the person attending your event.

  • Status - Order statuses include 'Not Paid', 'Complete', or 'Refunded'. We'll discuss each status in the next section of this article.

  • Quantity - The number of tickets purchased in the order.

  • Sale Amount - The total amount paid for all tickets in the order after all discounts, taxes, and fees.

  • Promo Code - This shows the promo code applied to the order, if any.

  • Order Date - The date registration was completed.

  • Payment Type - This shows whether the order was paid by check, invoice, or credit card.

Use the Search box to quickly find an order by Buyer Name or Order ID. Use the filter drop-down to filter orders by status, ticket type, promo code, payment type, or ticket name.

Order statuses

Each order's 'Status' column displays one of five statuses:

  • Complete - All tickets on the order are free or are fully paid.

  • X/Y Complete - Some tickets on the order were cancelled or refunded.

  • Refunded - All tickets on the order were refunded.

  • Cancelled - All tickets on the order were cancelled.

  • Refunded/Cancelled - One or more tickets on the order were refunded, and the rest were canceled.

Edit orders

Depending on the order's status, there are several actions you can take by clicking the Settings () icon next to an order. Before we talk about editing orders, here's a table that lists possible actions based on order status:

Not Paid




Mark as Paid

Send Order Confirmation

View Ticket

View Ticket

Send Order Confirmation

View Ticket

View Receipt

View Receipt

View Invoice

View Receipt

View Invoice


Cancel Order


Cancel Order

* If you cancel a ticket, you can still also refund it. If you refund a ticket, it's automatically cancelled, too. Cancelling a ticket is permanent.

Export or resend confirmation for multiple orders

Click the checkboxes next to orders, then click the three-dot () icon next to the search bar to export them or resend order confirmations. The export contains the same data as the 'Orders' export you can download from the Registration Metrics page.

💡 Keep in mind, you can resend order confirmations for up to 100 orders at a time. Order confirmations are only sent for completed orders.

Marking an order as 'Paid'

Any orders placed with the check or invoice payment options appear as 'Not Paid'. Anyone who chooses the check or invoice options must submit payment outside the Webex Events Registration process. Until you click 'Mark as Paid' on the order, none of the attendees on the order will be added to your Event App, and they won't receive an email containing their tickets.

Read our Invoice and Check Payments article for complete details about offline payments.

Cancelling an order

Clicking 'Cancel Order' opens the 'Cancel' modal, where you select which tickets on the order to cancel. Simply check the box next to each attendee whose ticket should be cancelled and click Cancel Tickets.

Here's what happens after you cancel an order:

  • A cancellation email is automatically sent to the purchaser's email address.

    💡 Keep in mind, if you need to send the cancellation email to someone other than the purchaser, open the order, click Edit in the 'Purchaser Information' section, and update the Purchaser Email with the email that should receive the cancellation email.

  • Attendees whose tickets were cancelled can no longer access your Event App or check in.

  • If you cancel the order of someone who is 'Active' in your Event App, they'll be automatically blocked there. If they decide to re-register, they need to do so with a different email address than the one they initially registered with.

  • If you cancel an order, you can still refund the order later.

Refunding an order

When you click 'Refund', a modal appears where you select which tickets in the order to refund. Simply check the box next to each attendee whose tickets should be refunded and click Refund Tickets. A summary at the bottom shows the total refund amount.

Here's what happens after you refund an order:

  • Orders paid by credit card are refunded through Stripe, and a confirmation email is sent to the purchaser. Stripe's processing fee isn't refunded. Refer to Stripe's refund policy for more information.

    💡 Keep in mind, if an order was paid with Stripe and Stripe is disconnected from your Event afterward, you can't issue a refund until you reconnect the same Stripe account.

  • If the order was by invoice or check, an email is sent to the purchaser, notifying them that a refund was initiated. From that point, it's up to you and the purchaser to arrange the refund. Orders purchased by invoice or check can't be refunded through a linked Stripe account.

  • All attendees whose tickets were refunded or cancelled can no longer check in to your Event or join your Event App if it's set to 'Invite Only'.

    💡 Keep in mind, if you refund an order for someone who is 'Active' in your Event App, they'll be automatically blocked there, and they can no longer register with that email address.

  • Registration Metrics automatically update to reflect the refund. Check the 'Fees & Discounts' section of the Registration Metrics page to review refund and net sales totals.

Access order details

Click on an Order ID number to open the 'Order Details' page. This page has all the purchaser's information, the detailed order total including refunds and discounts, and a list of all attendees on the order.

Click the Settings () icon next to the 'Order Detail' number at the top to complete any of the actions mentioned in the 'Edit Orders' section above.

There are several additional actions you can take by clicking the Settings () icon next to an attendee, depending on the order status:

Not Paid




View Attendee Profile

View Attendee Profile

View Attendee Profile

View Attendee Profile

View Ticket

View Ticket

View Ticket

Send Confirmation

Click the Edit link next to the 'Purchaser Information' label to edit their name, email, and billing address.

The Edit link in the Purchaser information section of an order.

Now you know all about managing Registration orders!

Pro tips! 😎

  • Want to get email notifications when people buy tickets? Use the Team Notifications feature on the Registration Settings page to activate automated emails containing details about new orders for select tickets. Learn more in our Registration Settings Overview article.

  • Personalize the attendee experience with customized checkout, confirmation, cancellation, and refund messaging for each ticket type. Learn more in our article about customizing checkout messaging.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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