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Create Registration Promo Codes
Create Registration Promo Codes
Offer discounts or use access codes to reveal hidden options
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Webex Events Registration offers two Promo Code options to provide special offers to your registrants — discount codes and access codes. Discount codes reduce the price of a ticket by a set dollar amount or percentage, and access codes reveal hidden tickets. Registrants simply enter their access or discount code before selecting their ticket, then click Apply to receive the benefit.

Screenshot of a registration page. The Promo Code field is indicated.

This article provides instructions on creating and managing discount codes and access codes for Registration.

Create promo codes

In your Event or Community navigation bar under ‘Registration', click Promote, then Promo Codes. Click the New Promo Code button and choose either 'Discount Code' or 'Access Code'.

Screenshot showing the process just described.
  • A Discount Code reduces the price of a ticket by a fixed amount or percentage.

  • Access codes reveal hidden tickets, which are invisible until a registrant enters its assigned access code. This is great for providing complimentary tickets, earlybird discounts, or special pricing for staff, VIPs, or press, to name a few.

💡 Keep in mind, registrants only apply one promo code per ticket type. For example, they can't apply an access code to reveal a hidden ticket and use a Discount Code to reduce the price of that same ticket.

Create a discount code

In the modal that appears, enter the following information:

Screenshot of the Create Discount Code modal.
  • Enter the Discount Code Registrants enter to get a discount on the Registration page.

  • Use the Assign to field to select which ticket(s) are eligible for the discount.

  • Enter the Discount amount and choose between an amount and a percentage.

  • Enter a number in the Use Limit field to restrict the number of tickets this discount code can apply to. Leave this field blank if you don't want to limit discount code usage.

Click Save Changes when you're done.

Create an access code

In the modal that appears, enter the following information:

Screenshot of the Create Access Code modal.
  • Enter the name of the Access Code. Registrants enter this code on the Registration page to reveal the hidden ticket(s). Only registrants with the access code can access and order tickets assigned to it.

  • Use the Assign to field to select which Ticket(s) the code applies to. Tickets must be hidden before you can select them in the Assign to field.

    💡 Keep in mind, you can't select tickets in the Assign to field unless those tickets are hidden. To learn more about managing and hiding tickets, read our guide to creating tickets.

  • Enter a number in the Use Limit field to restrict the number of times this access code can be used. Leave this field blank if you don't want to limit access code usage for ticket types assigned to the access code.

Import Promo Codes

If you have several discount codes and promo codes, save time by importing them all at once using the Promo Code import function. Keep reading to learn how. 📖

Export the template

💡 Keep in mind, if you're using most or all of the same promo codes you used for a previous event, export them from that Event, make any needed updates, and then import them into your new Event. 🧠

In your Event or Community navigation bar under ‘Registration', click Promote, then Promo Codes, then click the Import button

Screenshot showing the steps just described.

In the modal that appears, click Download to download the promo code import template.

Screenshot of the Download button on the Import Promo Codes modal.

Edit the template

Open the file in your preferred spreadsheet program and use the 'Instructions' sheet to learn how to add promo code data to the 'Promo Codes' sheet.

Screenshot of the Promo Code Import template. The 'Instructions' and 'Promo Codes' tabs are indicated.

Here are some tips to help you avoid import errors:

  • Promo codes must be unique. For example, you'll get an error if you name two Promo Codes 'TAKE20'.

  • Promo codes can't contain spaces or special characters.

  • Promo codes can be a maximum of 100 characters long.

  • Promo codes must be assigned to at least one ticket type. To assign ticket types in the import template, enter 'x' in the column of the ticket type you want to assign to the promo code.

  • You can only assign access codes to hidden tickets.

Import the file

When you're done editing your file, save it without changing the file name and use the Upload your file step in the import modal to import your codes.

Screenshot of the 'Upload your file' step on the Import Promo Codes modal.

A notification appears, notifying you that the upload is in progress. Once the file finishes importing, either the "It's Done!" message or the "Oops!" message will appear.

Screenshot of the importing and imported successfully pop-ups.

💡 Keep in mind, if you miss the notification, don't worry! From any page in the Webex Events platform, simply click the notification bell icon next to the 'Help' button to review a list of past notifications.

If there were errors during the import, click the 'View Error Report' button to review a detailed description of what went wrong and the exact cell(s) that caused the error, when relevant. Once you've fixed any errors, simply try the import again.

Manage promo codes

All the codes you've created appear on the Promo Codes page. Each line item lists the Promo Code, Type, Use count, Status, and number of tickets each code applies to. If you need to make any changes to promo codes, you can export them, make edits, and import those updates, or manually edit them one-by-one.

Export promo codes

To export existing Promo Codes and make mass edits, check the box at the top of the Promo Code list, click the three-dot () icon, and click Export.

Screenshot of the process just described.

After a few moments, a message appears saying the export was successful. Click the Click here to download link to download the file, then make any edits to the spreadsheet.

Refer to the instructions above to re-import the file after making changes.

Edit a promo code

Click the Settings () icon next to a promo code to edit, pause, delete, or copy the share link.

Screenshot of the Promo Codes page. The settings menu next to a code is expanded.

Clicking 'Share Link' opens a modal with a customized link to the registration page with the code already applied.

Screenshot of the Get Shareable Link modal.

Now you know how to make Promo Codes! After people sign up for your event, use the Registration emails tool to stay in touch and send referral codes to generate even more sales. 💰 🔑

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