Promo Codes allow you to provide discounts or special offers to specific registrants that have the code.

Screenshot of the Promote menu with the Promo Codes option highlighted.

To create promo codes, click the Promote tab, and click Promo Codes. Click the New Promo Code button. You'll be prompted to select whether this code is a discount code, or an access code. Read further to learn more! 👇

Discount Code vs Access Code

Discount codes unlock a discount on a ticket for the user, whereas an access code unlocks a ticket type that is otherwise hidden.

Create Code


The code is in all caps, and can be whatever you want!

Assign to

Select the tickets that this code should apply to. You may have a special discount that applies to your VIP tickets and not your regular tickets, for example.

Discount (if discount code)

Select the % (Percentage) or $ (Dollar) amount discount that should be applied for this ticket type.

Use Limit

The Use Limit ensures that only the number of tickets that you have designated will have access to this specific promo code.

Manage Codes


Promo Code - The code that the registrant will enter is listed here.

Type - This column indicates whether the promo code is an Access or Discount code. If it is a Discount code, the discount will also be included in parentheses.

Use - The number of times that this code has been used is listed here, out of the total number available.

Status - The Status indicates if the promo code is available to use. If you pause the promo code, the status will change to Paused.

Applies To - The Applies To column includes the number of tickets that have this promo code applied to.


Click the settings (⚙︎) icon to access the settings for a promo code. Here, you can perform the following actions.

Edit - Click Edit to edit this promo code. You can also click the rest of the row to edit as well.

Pause/Resume - You can pause the use of a promo code to prevent users from using it. If the code is paused, you'll have the option to Resume and make it active again.

Share Link - The Share Link will share a link to the registration page with the promo code already applied.

Delete - Select this to delete the promo code.

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