The Metrics page is where you can review and share your registration dashboard and reports.


The Metrics Dashboard is the perfect place to go for a quick snapshot of your event activity, both during and after your event.

Click the i-button next to the widget title to see more information about what metrics this widget is displaying.

Some of the dashboard widgets have a drop-down next to their title. Select the metric that you want to review from the drop-down.

Refresh a widget by clicking the refresh icon in the upper right corner of the widget.

Click the Get Shareable Link button to copy a link that you can use to share the dashboard with your stakeholders. This makes it easy for stakeholders that don't have access to the Socio Platform to review metrics for your event.


Click the Export Report button and select the report that you want to export.

Guest List Report

The Guest List Report includes the following information:

  • names
  • email address
  • ticket name

Attendees Report

The Attendees Report includes the following information:

  • name
  • email address
  • ticket name, type, and ID
  • order ID
  • checkout form questions and answers
  • check-in status
  • time that the attendee checked in, if applicable

Badges Report

The Badges Report includes the following information:

  • names
  • company and title
  • ticket name and ID
  • QR codes for badge printing

Orders Report

The Orders Report includes the following information:

  • order ID
  • order date
  • names
  • email address
  • quantity purchased
  • ticket names
  • order status
  • gross sales
  • discount
  • discount code applied
  • Stripe fee
  • Socio fee
  • tax
  • net sales
  • currency
  • unlock code applied

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