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Use External IDs from Other Platforms in Webex Events
Use External IDs from Other Platforms in Webex Events

Use attendee registration IDs from other platforms for QR code printing and Lead Retrieval

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The External ID field lets you identify users in the Webex Events platform with your preferred unique identifier from a third-party or proprietary system. Importing attendee data with an external ID lets you:

  • "Match" users across systems

  • Export from Webex Events and import back into the original system

  • Base printed QR codes on the external ID for Lead Retrieval

Using external IDs

There are two ways to add external IDs to attendee profiles:

  1. Add IDs to multiple attendee profiles using the attendee import template.

  2. Add an ID to a single attendee when editing or manually adding their profile to Webex Events.

Read our article about adding and importing attendees to learn how to assign External IDs for new attendees. To add an external ID to an existing attendee, edit their attendee information as described in our article about managing attendees.

💡 Keep in mind, the maximum number of alphanumeric characters for the External ID field is 255.

⚠️ Caution! You can only edit the External ID field once. After you save a change, the field is locked.

Pass external IDs to a URL

If Lead Retrieval is active in your Event and you activate the 'Pass Data to URL' option for an external link in your Event App, the passed data includes external IDs. This is helpful for linking to a survey and then examining responses by each attendee's external ID, for example.

External IDs and Onsite

If you're using Onsite, imported external IDs are automatically used to generate QR codes. Add QR codes to your badge designs for easy, seamless Session Check-in and Lead Retrieval scanning.

External IDs and Lead Retrieval

With Lead Retrieval, Webex Events offers the option to generate QR codes from attendee external IDs.

The My QR Code feature on a mobile device.

Use External IDs to generate QR codes

💡 Keep in mind, if you're using Webex Events Onsite, the process below isn't necessary. Bye! 👋

If you're not using Onsite and you want to use attendee external IDs to generate Lead Retrieval QR codes, click QR Codes under 'Lead Retrieval' in your Event navigation bar, activate the Use External IDs to Generate QR Codes setting, then click Save.

The steps just described.

Lead Retrieval will now use External IDs to generate the attendee QR codes. If an attendee doesn't have an associated External ID, the attendee is assigned a Webex Events QR code.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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