Ordering feature content alphabetically can be done in one of two simple ways! Read the steps below, or follow along with this video for instructions. 👇

Drag and drop

Each feature's items are listed on the feature's Edit page. To access the Edit page, click Edit Event, hover over the feature you'd like to change, and click Edit.

When there's more than one item in a feature, a two-line icon appears next to the Settings (⚙️) icon. Click and hold the two-line icon, and drag the item to reorder it.

Animated GIF showing a user reordering a speaker.

That's it! Any changes to order are automatically saved and are immediately visible to attendees.


If there are too many items to create and sort manually, we recommend ordering them in an Excel spreadsheet and then importing them. The order of items in the spreadsheet is the order they'll be in when you import them.

If you've already added the items, you can export them, reorder them in the spreadsheet, and then re-import them. Take a look at our article on exporting and importing feature content for complete instructions.

⭐ Keep in mind, if you want to sort a list of people by last name, it may be simplest to split the Name column into two columns (First Name, Last Name). Make sure you merge those columns back into the single Name column when you're done sorting. For more info on how to distribute cell content, check this out! For instructions on merging multiple cells, look at this.

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