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How do I sort feature items in my preferred order?
How do I sort feature items in my preferred order?

Sort feature content alphabetically, by importance, or any order you want it to appear to attendees in the Event App

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When you add items to list-based features such as the Sponsors or Speakers features in your Event App, they appear in the Webex Events platform and the Event App in the order in which they were added. This is true whether you added items individually or imported a list of items.

This article explains how to rearrange Event App feature items in any order you want.

Drag and drop feature content

In your Event navigation bar under ‘Event App’, click Features, then click the feature you want to edit. This opens the feature's page.

The steps just described.

When there's more than one item in a feature, a six-dot grid appears next to the item's Settings () icon. Click and hold the six-dot cluster and drag the item to reorder it.

An arrow pointing to an item's grid icon.

That's it! The platform automatically saves any changes to the item order, and those changes are immediately visible to attendees using your Event App.

Import feature content

💡 Keep in mind, importing isn't available for the Documents feature.

If there are too many items to sort manually, we recommend ordering them in a spreadsheet and then importing them. The order of items in the spreadsheet is the order they'll appear on the Mobile App and web experience.

The Import button on the Sponsor feature page.

If you've already added items, simply export them, reorder them in the spreadsheet, and then re-import them. Read our Import and Export Data in Webex Events article for complete instructions.

💡 Keep in mind, if you want to sort a list of people by last name, consider splitting the Name column into two columns (First Name, Last Name). Make sure you merge those columns back into the single Name column when you're done sorting. Refer to these articles about distributing cell content and merging multiple cells for more information.

Now you know how to reorder items in your Event App!

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