Lots of images in the Socio Platform must be square (1:1 aspect ratio), just like in social media profiles. When you upload icon images to your Event App that aren't square, they're automatically squared after uploading, but the result will likely be stretched — and we want to help you design a beautiful app!

Check out this short tutorial video, or read the written instructions below to learn how to "squarify" your images without stretching them.

⭐ Keep in mind, resizeimage.net is a third-party platform, so please reach out to them directly if you have any problems or unwanted results when using the site.

How to squarify an image

First, head to resizeimage.net, and scroll down to option 4, Resize your image. Uncheck the Keep Aspect Ratio box, and then select White under the Fill in the background... heading. If your image is a transparent PNG or GIF file, you can select Transparent instead.

Screenshot showing the Keep Aspect Ration and White options in their preferred state.

Now, look at the two text fields to the right of the percentage field underneath the resize slider. The smaller number should be replaced with the larger of the two. For example, if the first one is 944, and the second is 230, then 230 should be replaced with 944 so the two fields match.

Screenshot showing the number before and after it was edited.

Now, click Resize Image at the bottom of the page, and then click Download Image.

Screenshot showing the Resize Image and Download Image buttons.

You're all done! Now, you can get back to uploadin'! 🔼

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