Webex Events is meant to be completely self-service for you, your app users, sponsors, and more! With that said, we're always here to help you. This article highlights all the resources available to you and your team, including ways to contact us!


📖 Knowledge bases

We've created knowledge bases for each of our product audiences.

Webex Events Platform (event and community organizers)

The Platform knowledge base you're reading right now covers the admin side of the Event App, Branded Apps, Registration, Onsite, Lead Retrieval, Streaming, Integrations & Partnerships, and Live Display.

Lead Retrieval (sponsors and exhibitors)

The Lead Retrieval knowledge base covers the exhibitor side of Lead Retrieval. This small set of useful articles contains everything your exhibitors need to know to use Lead Retrieval at your event. Exhibitors can also email us at support+leadretrieval@socio.events if they have any questions.

🎓 Webex Events Academy

We’re excited to provide our organizers with Webex Events Academy, the ultimate place for improving and certifying your event knowledge. Webex Events Academy's on-demand courses and instructor-led training webinars make it easy for you to become a Webex Events expert.

📫 What's New page

Whenever we release a new product, feature, or enhancement, we post it on our What's New page. The What's New page has an archive of all our releases going back to 2018. Sign up for email updates when you visit the What's New page so that you're always in the loop about our latest and greatest.

🏢 Virtual office hours

Join our virtual office hours to chat with one of our event tech experts! We answer questions in a round-robin style so everyone gets a turn. We want to respect all of our customers' time, so if you bring coworkers with you, please choose one person from your group to ask questions.

We hold office hours for one hour every week. Click the button below to sign in to Webex Events Academy, view the office hours schedule, and register for the next scheduled office hours!

⭐️ Keep in mind, for time-sensitive questions or technical troubleshooting, please get in touch with support via chat.

💬 Support

Customers (event or community organizers)

⚡️ For the fastest response, click the bubble in the bottom right corner of any page in the Webex Events Platform or knowledge base to live chat with a member of our amazing Support team. Expect to get a response from a real human within 5 minutes during the following hours:

Eastern Time (ET)

Pacific Time (PT)



Sunday 8am - Friday 5pm

Sunday 5am - Friday 2pm

Sunday 12pm - Friday 8pm

Monday 2 am - Saturday 11 am

Saturday 8am - 5pm

Saturday 5am -


Saturday 12pm -


Sunday 2 am - 11 am

Feel free to email us at support@socio.events, too. We'll still respond quickly, though maybe not as fast. Don't forget about our complete and detailed knowledge base — that's where you are now! 😉

We assign each Webex Events customer a point of contact. Reach out to them for help strategizing or finding the best resource.

App users

We always encourage attendees to reach out to their event organizer for help since most questions relate to interacting with the event/community. If you can't resolve an attendee's problem, please reach out to us via chat, and we'll help you guide them to a solution.

❗ Status page

We're proud of our products' history of stability and reliability. Service outages can happen from time to time, however, so we maintain our status page at status.socio.events for those rare times when something goes wrong. Click the button below to visit the page and sign up for updates so that when the unexpected happens, you can respond as quickly as we do.

Questions? Chat Us or Email support@socio.events

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