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My QR Code Feature Setup Guide
My QR Code Feature Setup Guide

How the My QR Code feature works and how it's added to events

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When you activate Lead Retrieval, the My QR Code feature is automatically added to your Event App — no extra setup required! Attendees launch the feature to let exhibitors scan their QR code to collect lead information. Read our Introduction to Lead Retrieval article for more information.

My QR Code in practice

Activating Lead Retrieval assigns a QR code to each person in the app. Attendees using the Mobile App simply open this feature on their device to access and share their personal QR Code.

The My QR Code feature icon on the Mobile App's home screen and an attendee's QR code.

Exhibitors using the Lead Retrieval app scan the attendee's phone to capture their information as a lead.

The QR scan screen from the Lead Retrieval app.

💡 Keep in mind, Lead Retrieval isn't an attendee check-in solution.

The My QR Code feature is a great alternative if QR codes printed on badges aren't an option. With Webex Events Onsite, it's easy to print QR codes!

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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