The My QR Code feature is included with Lead Retrieval to allow exhibitors and sponsors to easily scan lead information from users. For more about our Lead Retrieval product, check this out!

⭐️ Keep in mind, the My QR Code feature is added to your app's features automatically after Lead Retrieval is activated. It can't be added from the feature list.

My QR Code in practice

A QR code is assigned to each person in the app when you activate Lead Retrieval for your event or community. Attendees can simply click on this feature in the app to view and share their personal QR Code. 

Screenshot of the My QR Code feature.

Event organizers typically print badges for in-person attendees so their QR code can be easily scanned.

Screenshot of the qr scan screen from the Lead Retrieval app.

The My QR Code feature is a great alternative if a badge isn't available for any reason. To learn all about downloading QR codes for printing, check this out!

⭐ Keep in mind, Lead Retrieval is used by exhibitors to capture leads. It's not a good fit for "checking in" attendees.

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