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Seamlessly integrate Slido's incredible audience agagement platform with your Event or Community

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We partner with Slido as our premier live polling and Q&A provider. Slido offers advanced features like analytics, multiple rooms, and the ability to organize your polls into sessions! For more information about how Slido can enrich your next event, keep reading. 📖

Screenshot showing a Slido poll embedded in the side bar of an Agenda live stream in the Web App.

About Slido

Slido is a technology company that enhances communication and increases interaction in events, meetings, and much more.

Having worked on millions of events, Slido has helped engage millions of participants at some of the world's largest and most renowned conferences. Learn all about Slido's robust set of features on their Product Tour page.

Slido resources

  • Slido's Help Center and Tutorial videos are fantastic resources to help you get started quickly!

  • Explore Slido's use cases to learn which features best suit your needs.

  • Slido's Documents page offers some great downloadable resources for you, your moderators, and technicians.

Slido also offers live chat support if you need help with anything related to their product.

Set up Slido

In Slido, create a new Slido event and configure the activities as needed. Use the resources linked above if you need help or guidance at any point.

💡 Keep in mind, we highly recommend testing! It's easy to remove test question and poll responses before the event starts. 🧪

Pass data from Webex Events to Slido

Before we talk about where Slido links can go, let's discuss passing attendee data to Slido.

In almost any place in Webex Events that lets you enter an External Link to another website, the 'Pass Data to URL' checkbox is also present. This lets Webex Events send attendee data to the external site. When you do this with a Slido URL, attendees don't have to fill in their name, email, or company or select their preferred language! They can start using Slido with a single click.

Screenshot of the Attendee Engagement area of a live stream feature. A Slido link has been inserted.

The best part? You don't have to modify the Slido URL with placeholders or do any extra configuration in Slido. Simply enter the URL for your Slido event into Webex Events and check the Pass Data to URL checkbox. Whenever an attendee clicks the Slido link or opens a tab with Slido embedded, data passes automatically.

URL added to Webex Events:

URL after an attendee clicks it:

Read our Pass Data to URL article for more details.

Add Slido as a feature in your Event App

To add a Slido link as its own feature in your Event App, simply create a Web Link feature and add the Slido link. To make a series of event-level polls or surveys, use the Web List feature.

Two screenshots of a mobile device showing a Slido poll feature and the actual poll.

Add Slido to a feature or item

Add a Slido link anywhere you find the External Link field in Webex Events, such as in speaker or sponsor profiles. To learn about all the places you can add external links, refer to our External Links article.

Screenshot of the Links section of a sponsor profile. A link to a Slido poll is indicated.

Embed Slido as a Custom Tab

When you create a Session or Live Stream feature, activate the Custom Tab option and then paste in a Slido link. This embeds Slido into the Event App's web experience so attendees can interact with Slido without leaving the live stream.

Screenshot showing a Slido poll embedded in the side bar of an Agenda live stream in the Web App.

Common Questions

Can I integrate Slido with my presentation?

You sure can! Learn how to use Slido with presentations.

What's the venue internet requirement for Slido?

Review Slido's network requirement specs for more information.

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