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Third-Party Event Registration & Webex Events

Integrate Cvent, RegFox, Boomset, Eventbrite, or other third-party registration data with Webex Events

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While we highly recommend Webex Events Registration for the most seamless experience, we also integrate with several third-party registration systems. Integrating your third-party event registration provider with Webex Events means populating your Event's Attendee list is simple and effortless - after a little setup. This saves you time and reduces the possibility of errors with manual input!

This article explains the key benefits of integrating your registration provider with Webex Events, lists supported providers, and provides FAQs about how integration data flows into the Webex Events platform.

Benefits of integrating

Effortlessly populate error-free data

Integrating with event management software reduces cost, manual effort, and uncertainty, so you can focus on building amazing attendee experiences. New registrations sync to Webex Events every five minutes, and data is captured exactly as collected so there are no errors.

Guide attendees to your Event App

Because information syncs to Webex Events every five minutes, attendees can join your Event App and check in with Onsite right after they register! Simply include a link or instructions on how to download the app in the registration confirmation page or email and tell them to sign up using the email they used to register.

💡 Keep in mind, tell attendees to wait at least 5 minutes before accessing your Event App or checking in with Onsite.

Personalize the attendee experience

Most registration integrations can take advantage of groups based on criteria such as ticket type. Use groups to personalize your attendees' event experience to ensure they can access Sessions and content relevant to their interests and purchase level.


There are up to two sources of cost with third-party integration: the fee we charge to set up the integration, and the fee your registration provider may charge to use their API. Cost may vary depending on the complexity of the information you want to integrate, and not all providers charge an API fee.

Refer to your preferred provider's documentation or contact them for specific pricing information.

Reach out to your Webex Events contact to learn about the Webex Events integration fee.

Providers and data fields

We officially support integration with the following providers:

  • Cvent

  • RegFox

  • Boomset

  • Eventbrite

💡 Keep in mind, some integration capabilities may be possible with other providers through Zapier. Talk to your Webex Events contact to learn more.

We typically import first and last name, title, company, email, and ticket types or registration types for each registrant. Depending on the platform, we can sync additional information for an added fee due to additional setup requirements.

Get started

If you think integration is right for you, get in touch with your Webex Events contact, or start a chat with our Support team!


What happens when multiple users register with the same email?

It's possible for multiple tickets or guests to be associated with one email address, often when one person purchases multiple tickets for others. Since attendees sign in to an Event App with their email address, only one registrant's information will sync over to Webex Events.

To make sure everyone syncs to the Webex Events platform, manually update duplicate attendee email addresses in your registration platform so everyone has a unique email address. Refer to your provider's documentation, or reach out to their support team for assistance with updating emails.

Why are there missing attendees?

This is often because different people have the same email address, as described above. Refer to your provider's documentation, or reach out to their support team for assistance with updating emails.

What happens when I update information in my registration platform?

We pull information into the Webex Events platform every 5 minutes. Information we pull overwrites information in Webex Events. Because of this, always edit attendee information in your registration platform and avoid integrating fields that you or your registrants might update often, such as the biography.

What happens if we have multiple different registration pages?

We can only pull registrations from one form or page to one Webex Event. If your registration provider uses a special setup, consult with your Webex Events contact.

How do I make sure Webex Events is pulling from the right registration?

Always provide us with the exact event name and event ID (if applicable) to make sure we're pulling the correct information.

How do Cvent Registration Types appear in Webex Events?

Registration Types are reflected in Webex Events as groups. By default, we name the groups exactly as they appear in Cvent. If you'd like to change the name of the mapping, let us know in advance. If the integration is already active, don't delete the groups as that may cause integration issues.

Can I import attendee data manually instead of setting up integration?

Yes! Read our article about adding attendee data for a complete guide.

⚠️ Caution! If you need to upload more attendees after importing others, only include the new attendees in the import template. If you need to update large amounts of existing attendee data via import, export the attendees you need to update from Webex Events, make the changes in the file, then upload the updated template. Don't change the 'Unique Identifier' column in the spreadsheet.


For help with any third-party vendors, contact their support.

For questions about the Webex Events platform, chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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