Attendee QR codes are very important to exhibitors using Lead Retrieval. They are used to scan each of the leads using the Lead Retrieval App. While Exhibitors can add leads manually, it is often easier for them to scan QR codes. The QR codes are usually scanned from printed name badges, but they can also be scanned from the app directly. Learn more about both options below!

QR Codes inside Event Apps

Once you activate Lead Retrieval for an event, a new QR Code feature will be added for each attendee. An attendee can simply click on this feature to view and share their personal QR Code. 

QR Codes on Printed Badges

Alternatively, you can also print the QR Codes for your attendees. Start from the Lead Retrieval section of the Platform and follow the steps below to export your QR Codes. 

Lead Retrieval → Your Event → QR Codes → Export QR Codes

Important: Before printing badges, you must upload all of your attendees via the Users & Groups in the My Events of Event Apps. We also recommend you use "Invite Only" as your Privacy Setting. 

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