The Webex Events Lead Retrieval app is the most seamless way for your sponsors and exhibitors to capture and rate leads and glean enriched data — all by scanning attendees' QR codes. While exhibitors can add leads manually, scanning QR codes lets them focus on engaging with and qualifying leads without distractions.

Exhibitors can scan QR codes printed on badges, or scan them from the app directly. Learn more below! 👇

QR Codes on printed badges

When you use the powerful Webex Events Onsite on-demand badge printing and event check-in solution, you can easily print Attendee QR codes on badges as people check in! The Webex Events Onsite badge designer is simple to use, yet incredibly robust. For more on Webex Events Onsite, check this out.

Exhibitors simply tap the scan button on the Lead Retrieval app, scan the code, and they have a new lead! 🎉

QR Codes inside the Event App

When you activate Lead Retrieval for an Event, the My QR Code feature is added to the Mobile App for each attendee. Attendees simply tap the feature to view their personal QR Code and allow an exhibitor to scan it.

Screenshot of the My QR Code feature.

Download a single QR code

To view and download an individual user's QR code in the Webex Events Platform, click Users & Groups in your Event's navigation bar under 'Event App' (or 'Community' in a Community. Click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the person whose code you want to download and click Show QR Code. In the modal that appears, click Download as PNG to download a high-quality image of the individual QR code.

Screenshot showing the steps just described.

Download all QR codes

If you want to use Lead Retrieval QR codes in third-party software, like using Orca Scan for session check-in, it's easy to download all attendee QR codes!

⚠️ Caution! Lead Retrieval scanning only works with the QR codes we provide. Lead Retrieval won't work with QR codes from any other source.

In your Event or Community navigation bar under Lead Retrieval, click QR Codes. On the QR Codes page, click Download QR Codes.

Screenshot showing the steps just described.

A notification appears letting you know that the export is processing. After a few moments, a new 'It's Done!' notification appears. Click the Click here to download link. If you missed it, click the bell icon next to your profile image to view the notification.

Screenshot of the QR Codes export notifications. the 'Click here to download' link is indicated.

Yeah, it's really that easy. 😁 The export file contains the following information:

  • Unique Identifier

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Title

  • Company

  • Groups

  • QR Code

  • Photo

  • Summary

QR codes look like this:


The number segment at the end of the QR code is the same as the Unique Identifier. Never modify either number.

Pro Tip! 😎

  • The External ID user field lets you identify users in our system with your preferred unique identifier from a system outside Webex Events — usually a third-party or proprietary system. When this optional field isn't in use, the Webex Events Platform assigns a User ID.

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