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Updating Your Webex Events Platform Account Email and Password
Updating Your Webex Events Platform Account Email and Password
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💡 Keep in mind, if you log in to the Webex Events platform with a Webex account, follow the instructions in the Webex App | Change Your Password article to reset your Webex account password.

If you forgot your platform password, don't worry! Simply visit the platform login page, enter the email associated with your account, then click the Forgot Password link. Next, check your inbox for a link to reset it and follow the instructions.

If you can currently log in to the Webex Events platform, changing your account email or password is simple!

  1. Click your user profile image in the top right corner of any page in the Webex Events platform.

  2. Select Profile Settings.

  3. Click Change next to either the Email or Password field, and enter your new information. Don't forget to save!

The first three steps described after this image.

If you update your email address, we'll send a verification link to your email inbox within a couple of minutes. The email verification link expires within 24 hours, so don't delay! Open the email and click the Verify my email button to confirm your email address. This opens the Webex Events platform login page, where you can now log in with your new email.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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