While anyone can download the Webex Events App or your Branded App from the App Store or Play Store, you can control who accesses your event or community within those Apps. 💂

Your Event or Community's Privacy Setting is the gateway to this access. No matter which you choose, we have templates for app download instructions for you to send to your app users!

Choose a Privacy Setting

From the Edit Event or Edit Community page, click the Basics tab, then click the Privacy tab.

⚠️ Caution! If you're using a Branded Mobile App, make sure your Privacy Setting complements your Branded App's sign up and login options.

Screenshot of the Privacy Settings section in the Basics tab of Platform.

There are three options to choose from — Public, Event Code, and Invite Only. Here's how each one works:

Screenshot of Privacy Setting options.

👋 Public (no security)

This option lets anyone find and access the event or community. This setting has the lowest barrier of entry, is easiest to manage, and offers the simplest process for your users. If you're putting on a free event that welcomes all comers, this is the one for you!

#️⃣🔤 Event Code (low security)

This option — not to be confused with the password that users create during the sign-up process — requires users to enter the event or community code to join. Since this option requires knowledge of the code, there's some barrier to entry, although the code isn't unique to each person. After you distribute the code, someone could simply post it online for anyone to see.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you don't want attendees to join your Event App quite yet, use Event Code with the "Hide event" option temporarily to keep your published event hidden. If attendees have the code, they can still find your event when hidden, so don't distribute the code until you're ready to start welcoming attendees.

If you select this option, simply enter the Code attendees must provide to access the event. The code must have a combination of 4 or more letters and numbers. Try to keep it fairly simple, and make sure the code is easy to enter using a mobile device. Optionally, check the "Hide event" checkbox to hide the event or community from search results and require users to enter the code to find it. This option is perfect if you want to completely hide an event or community from general app users.

Distribute the code to users along with the download instructions. When users try to join, they'll see a prompt to enter the code after logging into the Web App or Mobile App. After 5 incorrect code entries, users must wait 5 minutes as a security measure before trying again.

Screenshot of the Access Code prompt on the Web App and Mobile App.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you upload attendees to your event, those attendees can access your Event App without the code. If you check the Hide event option, attendees joining via the Web App must enter the code, though Mobile App users can still join without it.

🔒 Invite Only (high security)

This option requires users to sign up for the Mobile App or Web App with the email they registered with, or that you added to the Webex Events Platform. If they're not on the list, they'll see a message prompting them to retry with a registered email.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you're using SSO with a Branded App, the Denial Message won't appear on your SSO login page.

Two screenshots showing the Web App error and Mobile app error just mentioned.

You can customize this Denial Message with contact information or useful instructions to prevent attendees from getting stuck or confused. Simply enter your custom text in the Custom Denial Message field and click Save.

Screenshot of the Invite Only section of the Privacy Settings page. A custom Denial Message has been entered.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Invite Only privacy setting doesn't send automatic emails to users. You need to invite them outside the Webex Events Platform.

If you need some guidance on which Privacy Setting to choose, use the flow chart below to help you decide (click to enlarge). Feel free to ask us for advice using the Live Chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this screen. 👍

A flowchart designed to help decide which security setting to use.

Now that you've selected your Privacy Setting, you'll need to let attendees know how they can join! Whether you're saying "come one, come all", distributing a code, or telling Invite Only attendees how to join, make sure you use your event's Promo Page to help people access the event easily.

Questions? Chat Us or Email support@socio.events

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