While anyone can download your App from the App Store or Play Store, not everyone can access your Event within the App if you don't want them to. The Privacy Setting for your Event serves as the gateway to this access.

Navigate to Privacy Settings

Starting from the home screen in the Socio Platform, follow these steps to find the Privacy Settings for your event:

My Events → Your Event → Edit Event → Basics → Privacy Settings

Choose a Privacy Setting

There are four different options when choosing the right setting for you. It is important to keep the process simple for you and your team to manage and even more important to make it seamless for your users to use the app and find the content while protecting what is important.


This option will allow anyone access the event. This setting has the lowest barrier of entry and is easiest to manage. This is recommended to have the simplest process for your attendees.

Event Code

This option will require attendees to enter a code to join. You will create a case-sensitive event code and distribute it to your attendees with the download instructions. Your attendees will see the below screen when attempting to access the event:

Note: The event code is NOT the same as your attendees password they create during the sign up process. 

Unique Passphrase

This option is the same as the regular passphrase, but will allow each attendee to only use the passphrase once. 

Invite Only

This option requires your attendees to sign up for the app with email you have uploaded to the Socio Platform to gain access. If they are not on the list, they will see the following prompt in the app:

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