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Do Webex Events products work offline?
Do Webex Events products work offline?

Offline functionality for Event Apps, Lead Retrieval, Onsite, Registration, and Live Display

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This article explains the offline functionality of Webex Events products. While several of our products are designed with offline functionality in mind, all products work best with an active internet connection.

💡 Keep in mind, read our allowlist article to make sure attendees on secure networks can access all relevant Webex Events apps and content.

Event App

Web App

The Web App only works with an internet connection. 💻

Mobile App

As long as attendees previously joined an Event App through the Webex Events App or your Branded App, some functionality will remain available.

  • Anything that relies on an internet connection won't be available, such as Shake & Connect, an external link, an embedded video on a sponsor profile, or a downloadable PDF.

  • Most text aspects of the Event App, such as Session information, speaker and sponsor profiles, and item descriptions will still be visible if attendees need information.

  • Fully online or user interaction elements such as live streams, the Game feature, and the Wall feature won't work, and some images may not load.

Lead Retrieval

We designed the Lead Retrieval app to work online or offline, so exhibitors can keep collecting leads until the internet comes back. The only aspect of Lead Retrieval that won't work is syncing. Since leads collected or edited by one team member can't sync to others, individual team members won't notice changes until internet connectivity is restored. When connectivity comes back, everything will sync up. 👍


Onsite is designed to work offline as long as you've already selected an Event in the app and downloaded the attendee, session, and badge data. As with all Webex Events products, an active, stable internet connection gives the best experience.

Event Check-in

If you lose connectivity during event check-in, you can't refresh Onsite data until you restore the connection. This means that badges won't reflect any changes you make to attendee data in the Webex Events platform. If a SIM-enabled router has trouble picking up a strong cell signal, consider moving the router closer to a window and away from walls.

Session Check-in

Attendees can continue to check in to Sessions after a device loses internet connection. However, any changes to Sessions, attendee data, and check-in settings won't be reflected in the app until you restore the connection.

Additionally, any offline Session Check-in devices can't accurately track if an attendee was already scanned on another device, and check-in metrics will be lost if the app is deleted or the user logs out of the device before it reconnects to the internet.

When devices regain an internet connection, all attendance information from the Webex Events platform or other devices will sync automatically.


No aspect of registration will work without an internet connection.

Live Display

If Live Display loses connection, the screen displays "The Live Display is currently disabled for this event" until connection is restored.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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