The Web App is a browser-based version of your Event or Community that leverages larger screen space and browser capabilities to offer enhanced functionality over the Mobile App. The Web App is a great solution for users who want to use a laptop or tablet, or who simply don't have an Apple or Android device.

Screenshot of the Agenda feature in the Web App.

⭐️ Keep in mind, Socio works well with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers. We strongly suggest that you recommend Chrome to your attendees for the best experience.

The remote experience champion

Because of a Web Browser's flexibility and a computer's larger screen size, the Web App is the best way for remote Attendees to participate in virtual or hybrid events. The Web App leverages every single Socio Feature without sacrificing any functionality while adding some awesome perks!

Seamless interaction

Unlike the Mobile App, users can engage with app features like Chat, Q&A, and Polls without leaving a Live Stream. This means you can seamlessly engage your virtual audience in the middle of a session to gather feedback and foster discussion.

Animated GIF of a user answering a Poll in a Live Stream.

Attendees can even click on other features while watching a live stream, and the stream will keep playing in a small frame at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of an event in the Web App. A live stream is playing as Picture-in-Picture while a user interacts with the Event Game.

For attendees on the go, they can send a live stream link from their mobile device to their email to quickly switch to a computer!

The web as a Feature

If a website is embeddable, you can leverage the Web Link feature to embed it into your Socio Event. Organizers have loved using sites like Miro, Snapbar, and Calendly to increase and enhance attendee engagement without making attendees leave the event or open a new browser tab! Check out our For Fun articles for instructions on using these and more in your Socio Event.

Screenshot of a Miro board embedded in a Socio event.

The Web Link feature isn't the only way to embed content! Any feature in the Socio Platform that uses External Links can be leveraged to embed videos, websites, images, and more.

Screenshot of a menu open inside a socio event on the web app.

Learn more

Check out a Web App for yourself by clicking the button below. Simply sign up for the event with your email or social login, and start exploring! Click here to learn how to enable and manage the Web App for your Socio Event or Community.

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