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Answers about the transition starting on April 30, 2024

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As we announced on March 29th, as of April 30, 2025, Webex Events will exclusively support Webex Suite Enterprise Agreement (Suite EA) customers.

Starting on April 29, 2024, we will no longer sell standalone products and services outside of the Webex Suite Enterprise Agreement.

If you have any questions about these changes that aren't answered below, don't hesitate to chat with our support team or your Webex Events contact.


What if I have a current contract?

​We’re committed to supporting you until the end of your current contract.

What kind of service can I expect while I remain a customer?

You’ll continue to receive the same exceptional support that you know and love, and access to resources such as our Knowledge Base, Academy courses, and Face to Face.

What if I have a multi-year contract?

Our team will work with you to transfer you to a Webex Suite package that includes Webex Events if that makes sense for your organization. We'll help with other options as needed.

What if I need to upgrade something (like add more attendees, Lead Retrieval licenses, etc.)

We’re here to help you with any upgrades you need.

💡 Keep in mind, we won’t be initiating new contracts after April 29, 2024, but we're happy to assist with any enhancements to your current contract.

What if I want to purchase the Suite?

You can learn more about the Suite and its options by visiting the Webex Collaboration Suite page. If you’d like to move forward after reviewing, visit our sales contact page and be sure to select Webex Events, formerly Socio in the drop-down form. You’ll receive a response in 24-48 business hours from a member of the Webex team, who can help you sign up for the appropriate Enterprise plan for your organization. Feel free to reach out to the Webex Events team at any point for help in navigating the Cisco ecosystem.

What if my organization already uses Webex?

If you're unsure if your organization's Webex package includes Webex Events, talk to our support team or your Webex Events contact, and we’ll be happy to investigate. If you're interested in adding Webex Events, we'll help get you in touch with the right team at Cisco.

When will my attendees lose access to my Events?

If not removed as part of our normal process (60 days following the end of your contract), access for event planners and attendees will be removed 90 days after April 30, 2025. For more details or assistance, please chat with our Customer Support team.

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