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Branded App Limited Distribution

Need enterprise or unlisted distribution for your Branded App? We have you covered.

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If the target audience for your Event isn't the general public, then our standard Branded App publishing process may not be for you. If you manage employee devices, we can help with enterprise distribution. If you simply want the app to be unlisted, we can help with that, too.

Use Cases

  • Standard distribution - If your events are for the public, simply follow the standard Apple and Google app publishing process. Bye! 👋

  • Limited or internal distribution (unlisted) - If you want to control who can find and access your app and you don't administer user devices, this is the option for you.

  • Limited or internal distribution (Apple Business Manager) - If your events are only for people within your organization and you manage user devices through Apple Business Manager, this option is for you.


In general, we recommend you start the Branded App process 6-8 weeks before the first event that will use your Branded App. Click 'Submit' on your Branded App in the Webex Events platform no less than 28 days before the event, or 32 days if you're doing unlisted distribution. To read more about the timeline for unlisted distribution, read Apple's Unlisted App Distribution article.

How to Get Started

Tell your account executive (AE) or customer success manager (CSM) that you need limited distribution for your Branded App and which kind, then follow our guide to Branded App setup. Our app engineers will be in touch soon to work with you.


The process for limited distribution of Branded Apps is different from our normal process. Our app engineers will guide you through these and reach out for any necessary information.

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