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For Fun: Embed an Audience Response Tool with MeetingPulse
For Fun: Embed an Audience Response Tool with MeetingPulse
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⚠️ Caution, this article is intended to share a potential fun use case for our incredibly flexible platform. We don't have a partnership with any vendors listed in this article, and our team doesn't provide technical support for their products. For help with any outside vendors, contact their support.

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About MeetingPulse

MeetingPulse is a web-based event tool that helps you engage your audiences and teams better with real-time Q&A, polling, and brainstorming tools.

Visit MeetingPulse's help center for helpful instructions, tutorials, and more on using their platform.

Create your MeetingPulse

To create your MeetingPulse, go to, create your free account, then create a new meeting. After creating your meeting, copy the attendee link.

The attendee link in MeetingPulse.

Embed MeetingPulse in Webex Events

After copying your MeetingPulse link, you're ready to embed it in your Event App. Embed MeetingPulse with a Web Link feature if you want a stand-alone feature, or embed it using a Custom tab if you want attendees to use MeetingPulse during a live stream.

Add a Web Link feature

If you'd like a dedicated feature in your Event App where folks can use the MeetingPulse, the Web Link feature is a great option.

  1. Add the Web Link feature to your Event App, then edit it.

  2. In the modal that appears, enter the attendee link URL that you copied from MeetingPulse in the previous step.

  3. Uncheck the 'Open link in external browser' box so the MeetingPulse will embed in your Event App's web version. You don't need to use the 'Pass Data to URL' checkbox.

  4. Click Save Changes when you're done.

    The Edit Web Link modal populated with a link. The external browser checkbox is unchecked.

💡 Keep in mind, to change the feature name and icon to better reflect MeetingPulse, click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the feature's name to change them.

Web App users access your content embedded in the Web App, so they can interact without leaving the Event App.

A meeting pulse feature on the Web App asking, "Did you enjoy the event?"

Embed with a Custom Tab

If you'd like to use your MeetingPulse to receive audience feedback during live streams, add it to your Live Stream feature or Session with a Custom Tab.

  1. When you add or edit a Session or Live Stream feature, expand the Attendee engagement section.

  2. Activate the Enable Custom Tab toggle.

  3. Paste the MeetingPulse link into the 'Website URL' field.

  4. Enter a Tab Name so attendees know what to expect when they click on the tab.

    The process just described.
  5. Click Save Changes, and you're done!

Web version users access your MeetingPulse in a tab to the right of the live stream panel, so they can submit feedback without leaving the live stream or opening a new browser tab.

Screenshot of a live stream in the web app. A MeetingPulse custom tab is visible on the right.

Mobile App users can click the custom tab to launch the MeetingPulse in their device's default browser.

⚠️ Caution! Mobile app users can't watch live stream content and access custom tab content at the same time.

Now you know all about using MeetingPulse in your Event App!

Missing something?

Let us know if you used this in your Event App and found a specific feature useful, or if we missed something that you think we should share with other customers.

Questions? For help with any outside vendors, contact their support.

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