Our Speakers, Sponsors, and Exhibitors features are the best places to create information pages for each of these vital cogs in your event, though doing so doesn't give related personnel access to your event. If you want your speakers and sponsors or exhibitor personnel to interact with attendees in chat and Video Rooms in the Event App, you'll need to create an attendee profile for them. This article shows you how. 👀

Psst! If you want information about giving speakers access to your live stream studio, send them one of the following links, depending on which studio you're using:

Choose a method

You can add speakers and sponsor or exhibitor personnel to your event in one of two ways.

  • Make a hidden free ticket (Easiest)

  • Add them manually/import (Harder)

Let's explore each option.

Make a hidden ticket

If you're using Webex Events Registration, you can make a hidden ticket that only people with the correct access code can see and use. This means you can create a free ticket, then send the access code out to speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors so they can register as attendees.

This method doesn't require any extra information gathering or coordination on your part, and you can even automatically assign speakers and sponsors/exhibitors to special groups in your Event App. Read our article about creating tickets for complete instructions.

Add/import them manually

If you're not using Webex Events Registration or don't have many people to add, you can add them manually one by one, or import a list.

These methods require you to reach out to each speaker, sponsor, and exhibitor and gather the names and emails of each person who should have access to the event. You must then enter the information for each person into the Webex Events Platform or into the attendee import template.

Our Attendees guide has the goods on adding attendees manually and links to our article about importing them, too!

Communicate clearly

Whichever way you choose, make sure your speaker and sponsor/exhibitor attendee profiles let everyone else know they're special! ✨ Share image and name conventions, description guidelines, and other special guidance so they know what to do when setting up their attendee profiles.

Screenshot of the New User modal in the Webex Events Platform. The image is the Slido logo, and the last name field says (Sponsor) after the person's last name.

Think about:

  • Do you want sponsors and exhibitors to use their organization's logo as their profile image?

  • Do you want them to include a tag like (Sponsor) after their last name?

  • Should they include a title and company or leave them blank?

Now your speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors can interact with all the things attendees can, including the Wall, chat, and Video Rooms. In a speaker or sponsor page, they can simply click the Chat tab (if active) and respond to attendee chats.

Screenshot showing the chat tab in a sponsor profile. An attendee posted a chat, and a sponsor with an attendee profile posted a chat back.

If you've set up Video Rooms for your sponsors, speakers, or exhibitors, add their attendee profiles as moderators for their rooms and then send them our Moderator Guide. 👍

Now that you know how to give your speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors access to your event, review our Attendee Networking with Webex Events article to learn what the attendee experience is like.

Questions? Chat with us or email support@socio.events

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