The Agenda feature is an incredibly customizable part of your event — as it should be! Our Agenda feature guide has a lot of information about setup, so we made this guide dedicated exclusively to the attendee perspective. Keep reading to learn how attendees navigate the agenda, add sessions to their personal agendas, and experience live streaming sessions.

⚠️ Caution! Don't send this article to attendees because the information here won't look like your event. Do use this content as inspiration for making your own attendee instructions and walkthroughs.



Attendees access the Agenda on the Web App or Mobile App by clicking or tapping the feature. The feature opens in the Default View you selected. On the Day view, attendees see sessions listed by time. At a glance, attendees can see the name, number of participants (if enabled), and tracks. If the session has an active live stream or recording, they'll also see buttons for those, and any sessions happening currently or within 15 minutes appear in the Happening Now carousel.

Two screenshots showing the Agenda on the Web App and Mobile App.

Attendees can toggle between days using the date bar above the session list screen. Tapping or clicking on a session takes them to the session page. They can also click the Month or Year views to see other dates that have sessions.

⭐️ Keep in mind, single-day events don't display the Month and Year buttons. Events with sessions in only one month of the year don't display the Year button.

My Agenda

The My Agenda tab helps attendees focus on their interests without sifting through the full list of sessions. Each session has a plus (+) icon next to it. Attendees can tap the icon to add the session to their My Agenda tab and choose to be notified 15, 30, or 60 minutes before the session. If you change a session's time, they'll receive a push notification about the change.

Animated GIF showing a mobile app user adding a session to their personal agenda, then clicking the My Agenda tab.

The session page

On the session page, attendees can scroll down to see all the details and links you added to the session. On the Web App, an agenda with a live stream shows a video panel above the details section. A collapsible panel on the right shows Chat, Q&A, and Polling if you enabled them for the session.

Two screenshots showing an Agenda session with an active live stream on the Web App. Chat and Slido tabs are visible on the right.

All attendees can use the 'Add to Calendar' button in the Overview section on the Web App, or in the top right corner of the Mobile App. This button lets attendees set up a reminder through their favorite calendar app, though these won't update automatically if you change a session's time.

Screenshots of the Add to Calendar button on the Web App and Mobile App.

Attendees on the Web App and Mobile App can take notes for a session by either clicking or tapping the notepad icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Two screenshots showing where users can access session notes on mobile and the web app.

Live stream experience

Fifteen minutes before a session's start time, a session's live stream becomes available to attendees, and it appears in the 'Happening Now' carousel. On the Mobile App, attendees can tap 'Join Live Stream' to start watching on their device. They can also tap 'Watch on Desktop' to email themselves a link to the Web App. 📫

Screenshot showing the Join Live Stream and Watch on Desktop button in the Mobile App.

When Webex Events Closed Captions & Translations is enabled with Webex Events Streaming or RTMP, attendees simply click the CC icon on the Web App or tap the CC icon on the Mobile App to turn closed captions on. They can also select their preferred language from the Language drop-down on the Web App or the 'Settings' (⚙️) icon on the Mobile App, and the closed captions will translate to that language.

Screenshot showing a live stream in an Agenda Session with Webex Events captions enabled.

When using a third-party caption provider, attendees on the Web App click the Show Captions button under the live stream to reveal closed captions. If you've arranged audio captions, the button says 'Audio Captions'.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Mobile App doesn't support third-party captions.

To participate in Chat, Q&A, Polling, or Custom Tab content, Web App attendees simply click the relevant tab in the panel on the right.

Animated GIF showing a Web App user answering a poll and asking a question.

Mobile App attendees can tap the links in the details section to access these features.

Screenshot showing the Chat and Slido tabs on a session in the Mobile App.

Fifteen minutes after a session's end time, the View Recording button appears (if you added a recording link).

Now you know all about how the Agenda works for attendees! If you haven't already, learn about customizing attendees' Agendas for them in our Attendance Management and Preset Agendas article.

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